Story of Colorado Marijuana Industry’s Birth Revealed in Ganjapreneur Interview

Ganjapreneur published the second installment of their interview with Matt Brown on October 19th. In the recording, Matt Brown and Ganjapreneur contributor Mitch Shenassa talk about the early stages of the organized cannabis industry, working with the Colorado Department of Health, and coordinating with other medical marijuana businesses and activists for the first time.

As a business consultant and friend of many key players in the push that ultimately led to the passage of Amendment 64, Brown relates the story from an insider’s perspective and the interview brings details to light that have never previously been reported in the mainstream media.

While describing what it was like to team up with lobbyists with CMMR (Coloradans for Medical Marijuana Regulation), Brown says, “This was the first time openly, publicly, we all used the term ‘the marijuana industry..’ And that was, I probably viewed myself as probably more like Frank Luntz than anything. That it was to set the language and the context that we were talking about.”

The full transcript and audio recording is available on Ganjapreneur’s website.

Ganjapreneur launched officially in July and has since published several interviews with prominent cannabis industry pioneers, in written, audio, and video format. They also recently launched an app on the Google Play marketplace and have announced that the app will be available via the Apple App Store in the near future.