Storz & Bickel’s Mighty+ Review

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Storz & Bickel’s co-founder and CEO Jürgen Bickel For a short and informal 30-minute Zoom call to hear about the origin of Storz & Bickel and get his thoughts on the new Mighty+. Here are a few things he shared and my impressions of how the device is designed, functions, its ease of use, its vapor and medicinal qualities, and the big question: “Is it worth the cabbage?”

Design and Functionality

I had watched videos reviewing the Mighty+ prior to holding it in my hand. However, being blind/visually impaired, I had really no idea what it looked like until it was between my fingers. The easy-to0handle, compact, flat-yet-curvy design was a surprise but I was able to quickly locate the mouthpiece, cooling chamber, the on/off button and the only other two buttons, +/-.

The Mighty+ is a breeze to load. Simply turn the cooling chamber and the bowl is there. The Mighty+ has a ceramic bowl, an upgrade from the original Mighty. If you’re using a dosing cap — I’ll talk more about them below — you’ll find they fit perfectly into the bowl. The cooling chamber fits back on easily, important for folks with coordination or strength issues, and with a gentle twist, the Mighty+ is ready to turn on.

The Mighty+ only has three buttons, making it simple to get started and use. Hold down the power button for a second, notice the haptic feedback, the LED screen lighting up, and the temp zooming up — then it’s just about ready to use. Press the temp up and down buttons at the same time to toggle between F and C temp scales. Now set your desired temp and get ready to vape in a speedy 60 seconds! The new Mighty+ lets you tap the power button three times quickly to get a temp boost at the end of a session for complete bowl vaporization.

A feature I really like is the haptic feedback count down as the Mighty+ approaches shut off. Storz & Bickel improved the charge time to 40 minutes, but an adequate charging brick is required to reach that charging speed. The LED screen that shows set temp, battery life, and current temp will languidly blink before the Plus turns off when the battery is dead.


The vapor from the Mighty+ is tasty, full-bodied, dense, and plentiful throughout the session. Starting at a lower temp and gradually increasing the heat will get the best taste profiles out of your bud. The temp range for the device is 40 °C to 210 °C or 104 °F. to 410 °F. Even when using the dosing caps, vapor is thick for the entire session and will continue after the unit shuts off. When you tap the material out the uniformity of the vape is easy to notice, even with the dosing caps in use.

Dosing Caps

I heard a lot about dosing caps prior to using the Mighty+. These are small 150 mg capsules you can fill with ground material. The caps fit perfectly into the ceramic bowl and interlock with the cooling chamber, so there is a nice tight seal while vaping.

Jürgen shared the origins of the early Volcanoes and the device’s use in helping medical cannabis patients. His insight and the consistency of dosing caps really brought home the medical potential of the Mighty+ for me. Patients who require a specific dose of cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds will find these extremely useful when dosing their medicine.

The Mighty+ comes with a USB-C charging cord and an assortment of replaceable screens, gaskets, and one dosing cap. A bowl pick is included which if taken out and flipped around will let the MP stand up, an improvement from the legacy unit. You can easily take the cooling unit apart for fast cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. The batteries have temp control and a hard fuse shut off to ensure the highest safety and avoid overheating.

The Mighty+ is a great investment for medical cannabis patients and adult users alike. The ease of use and vapor quality make it stand out in the vaping world but its sturdy build and three-year warranty make it a vape device that will last for years to come. Find a Mighty+ online at Storz & Bickel’s website.

Thank you to Jürgen Bickel for sitting down with me to talk about the Mighty+ and sharing his passion for making world-leading vaporizers.

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