Steep Hill Offers Compliance Consulting as California Approaches July 1 Regulatory Launch

California’s adult-use cannabis marketplace opened for business in January, and although regulatory compliance has been mandatory for cannabis goods produced in 2018, many have avoided state-mandated testing. The second phase of regulations come into effect July 1, and cannabis companies in California are expected to be 100 percent compliant with all state and local laws.

In preparation for the implementation of more rules, cannabis testing laboratory Steep Hill is offering compliance consulting services to help their industry partners get compliant, put proper standard operating procedures in place, and successfully plan their business’ growth in the industry’s new regulatory framework.

Director of Cultivation Science Lydia Abernethy said, “Many operators in California’s cannabis industry are unaware of looming regulation updates. This is a time of great change as folks enter the world of compliance and safety testing.”

Enter Steep Hill. Through the company’s Cultivation Science program, Steep Hill is well-practiced in working alongside cannabis startups, whether a large-scale producer or a small, cottage business. Their experts assist growers with pest management, establishing procedures to keep operations compliant and smoothly running, and more in-depth consultation services to troubleshoot manufacturing problems or develop more robust cannabis products. These services are strategically geared towards producing safe, compliant goods for patients and consumers while alleviating stress for producers.

“Product recalls are expensive and regulatory failure can jeopardize a business’ license. It’s best to avoid unnecessary problems by incorporating sound practices at the start,” said Abernethy. “It benefits everyone when the industry complies with regulations. It is our collective goal to provide safe, effective medicine to patients and adult users.”

Steep Hill’s compliance consulting is also available for domestic and international cannabis entrepreneurs, with a honed focus on locations with satellite labs such as Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico, where their experts can help get you and your business up to top speed in this fast-moving industry.

California’s regulations are kicking off in just a few short weeks, so don’t wait — visit or email to learn more.