Space Picks™ First to Launch Cannabis Into Outer Space

(Tulsa, OK) February 6, 2020 – Just as Elon Musk announced his plans to launch marijuana into the cosmos, SPACE PICKS™ came out victorious in the cannabis space race, launching 20,000 mgs of dope into outer space four weeks ahead of the tech mogul’s schedule. The company launched a High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) to the edge of space filled with 2,000 of their signature THC-infused toothpicks Wednesday morning from an undisclosed location somewhere in Oklahoma.

SPACE PICKS™ ignited a revolution in the cannabis industry, introducing an inconspicuous product made from ethically sourced, freshly harvested North American white birch wood that’s imbued with natural ingredients and flavors. The toothpicks are handmade, dosage-controlled disposable and biodegradable, boasting fast activation and the utmost level of discretion. With premium THC concentrates infused into each toothpick, quality and delivery remain unmatched at its size and efficiency.

According to SPACE PICKS™ Brainchild-in-Chief and Commander Chris Beauchamp, “A package or two of SPACE PICKS™ requires just about zero space in your suitcase. It’s the most discreet, effective and portable way to experience an amazing high anywhere. Great for long trips to space or short trips to your in-laws!”

Now that the batch of THC-infused toothpicks has made their safe return to Earth, they will be available to purchase along with the company’s other five flavors later this month.

SPACE PICKS™ was developed by a team of ex-rocket scientists who reminisced about the 70s and their days of relaxing on the launchpad after a long day with a beer and a blunt. The group wanted to develop a low-profile way of getting high while on long trips to and from the launchpad that would also be safe to bring to a highly flammable environment. They settled on toothpicks as a delivery vehicle and spent many years engineering their secret solution for infusing the toothpicks with THC. Launching the toothpicks into space symbolizes the company’s launch into the industry as well as it’s launch into the future.

For media inquiries, contact Chris Beauchamp at or 407-797-1658.