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South Carolina Democrats Overwhelmingly Back MMJ

Democratic Party members in South Carolina support passing a state law that would allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis with a strong, 82 percent majority, according to a Post and Courier report.

The votes were collected using non-binding resolutions on internal party ballots; the resolutions were crafted to gauge party opinion and increase turnout. Democratic party leaders said the results were expected.

Meanwhile, polled Republicans threw their support behind other issues, such as allowing voters to choose to affiliate with a political party when they register to vote and reconciling South Carolina’s tax code with the recent Trump administration tax cuts.

South Carolina has no medical cannabis or adult-use cannabis laws on the books to date, and — in line with many other bible belt states — there has been resistance to any substantial cannabis reforms. In March, the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Committee advanced a medical cannabis bill that would have set up a comprehensive, state-wide program, but that bill’s counterpart died in the House.

The state does, however, have a hemp pilot research program and the Department of Agriculture recently doubled the number of permits available for would-be hemp farmers. South Carolina’s first hemp crop is being harvested this month.



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Patrick Beggan is a writer and photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. After serving as a US Army medic, he developed a passion for natural and herbal medicine that led him to the West coast. As a photographer, he strives to capture mood & narrative simultaneously to create images that speak volumes.

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