Safety Vision Cameras Help Keep Cannabis Inventory Secure During Transportation

There is a lot of innate risk for entrepreneurs and business owners in the cannabis industry. Not only is it a cash-based industry, but bulk cannabis products make an ideal target for thieves. And while cannabis companies regularly utilize video monitoring technology for their grow site, manufacturing, and/or retail locations, video surveillance of cannabis inventory while it is being transported is often overlooked.

Enter Safety Vision, a company that specializes in mobile video technology and has worked for 25 years to provide quality transport surveillance.

Safety Vision’s refined mobile camera technology satisfies the constant and precise surveillance that has become necessary, whether from security concerns or in pursuing regulatory compliance, to operate safely in the cannabis industry.

“We’ve found that people in the cannabis industry are often using stationary cameras inside of their grow facilities and inside of their dispensary, but nowhere on their delivery vehicles do they have any kind of recording surveillance,” said Jamie Hawkins, Safety Vision’s Marketing Manager. “And that’s what we’ve been providing to all of the industries that we serve, from law enforcement to pupil transportation, mass transportation, trucking, towing — and now, cannabis.”

Safety Vision offers more than just cameras you mount in the company van. Safety Vision’s mobile surveillance comes with software and a host of services for the concerned cannabis courier, including the ability to schedule automatic wireless video downloads and tracking/automatic status reports for both products and vehicles.

Clients are given access to configurable alarms and notifications for specific events, such as unexpected idling, a collision, if/when a specific door on the vehicle is opened, or when a delivery is approaching its final destination. And, if at any point a client has concerns about their inventory’s safety, they have the capacity to live-view their inventory through the cameras using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Safety Vision’s high definition cameras, which are also fully audio capable, are made available in highly customizable transport surveillance packages, ensuring clients will be confident that their inventory and courier are secure throughout their entire journey.

“It’s completely up to what they want and need for their business,” Hawkins explained. Safety Vision specialists work with their clients to make sure they are fully satisfied with their video surveillance options — which could be a setup with only a single camera on the inventory, or a whole host of cameras watching the doors, front and back windows, and even a body camera on the driver.

“The customer shouldn’t have to adapt to our systems,” Hawkins said. “We listen first to understand their exact needs, and then we recommend solutions that perfectly fit with their expectations.”

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