Rick Egan: Vaporizer Innovations & White Labeling

Rick Egan is the Chief Marketing Officer for Ispire, a vaporizer manufacturer and white labeling firm.

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As more and more consumers choose to vape instead of smoke their cannabis, vaporizer manufacturers are motivated to improve and innovate their offerings. Today, there are myriad different methods for consuming cannabis concentrates but dabbing and vaping still reign supreme.

In this written Q&A, Rick explains how the vape manufacturer Ispire dreamed up their award-winning invention, The Wand, as well other hardware options by Ispire including the ubiquitous Ducore vape cartridges. The interview also covers the benefits of working with a white label vape manufacturer, the future of the vaporizer industry, how to improve consumer education, and more!

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Ganjapreneur: When was Ispire founded and what is the goal of the company?

Rick Egan: Ispire was founded in April 2020 with the goal of delivering elite quality life experiences and revolutionizing the cannabis industry forever through innovative solutions, technology, and hardware.

How have the Ispire R&D and engineer teams redesigned the 510 threaded cartridge design? What benefits does this design create?

Our team is the catalyst in designing the modern-day vape pen we all know and love, whose design was the blueprint for the standard 510 thread we see today used by Cannabis’s biggest brands. In the spirit of innovation, we transformed the carts with our patented Ducore Technology (TM) which uses our ceramic coil system with a leak-resistant design to prevent flooding and clogging, along with our chambered airflow system that on some of our carts is fully customizable to the user’s liking. The adjustable airflow controls allow for a tighter hit and large clouds for a seasoned consumer, or a smoother, more breathable hit that allows for easy consumption and minimal coughing.

Our tech and hardware is a game-changer for brands that are sick of their hardware leaking, clogging and simply not doing their product justice, and for the consumers sick of burning their concentrates or their lips and coughing every time they want a hit of their pen. Our cartridges are also universally compatible with all 510 threaded batteries.

What are the benefits of dabbing with The Wand? How does it differ from an e-nail or common dab rig?

The Wand is our latest innovation at Ispire, launching only two months ago and already 2x Award-Winning. We won the John McKay Award for Scientific Advancement and Innovation in the industry because this product has truly revolutionized the dabbing community—and cannabis industry as a whole—forever. The Wand is the first of its kind dabbing device that uses induction heating paired with our food-grade glass bangers and inner cups to allow users to dab without fire. No more smoking harsh chemicals, having cans of butane and a blowtorch lying around your house and needing to refill after heating two dabs, and no more e-nails with faulty wiring! As opposed to other e-nails that require you to put your concentrate directly onto plastics or metal to heat it up, The Wand uses standard 14mm food-grade glass bangers and inner cups to allow the safest experience possible and to get the tastiest flavor profile, every time.

The Wand allows for custom temperature settings in 5 degree intervals from 450-800 degrees, putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. This eliminates the need for a dab thermometer or other expensive, excessive tools. This also allows you to take either a low-temp dab or high-temp dab depending on your preference. We’ve created a true hassle-free dabbing experience that’s safer, customizable, and compatible with almost any bong or rig of your choice, making The Wand not only portable and convenient, but the clear best choice when it comes to dabbing.

The Wand and Ispire cartridges allow the consumer to vape at lower temperatures compared to comparable tech, what are the benefits of low-temperature consumption?

Lower temperatures allow for better flavor since terpenes burn at a lower temperature than THC concentrates. By lowering the temperature consumers are able to experience the flavor profile of the product which provides a better experience and allows for the consumer to taste each terpene at its intended temperature. Not only is it more flavorful and beneficial, it also allows for a smoother hit and puts less stress on the lungs/esophagus than a hot dab as the vapor is less hot when inhaled.

Can companies white label Ispire batteries? How can these products be branded and utilized as a marketing tool for brands?

Yes. All of our carts and batteries are fully customizable, and our brand partners are able to white label or create custom colors, proprietary molds, and custom packaging all through Ispire’s amazing Marketing and Business Development Teams. Brands can add their logo to our Batteries, and we work with them to create custom packaging which eliminates their need to shop around and find different vendor partners for each step of their supply chain.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are a team of US-based cannabis industry professionals able to see the needs of our cannabis community and meet them head-on while also remaining forward-thinking. This is what has allowed us to create innovations that have and will change the future of our industry forever.

Once a client chooses to use Ispire technology what kind of client support is provided to their team?

We offer white-glove service to our brand partners including co-branded Marketing efforts such as product and lifestyle photo shoots, space on our social media and website, and other digital and physical assets to help make our partners truly stand out.

We are in the business of long-term partnerships, and supply our colleagues with the best hardware and technology possible to ensure their top quality product gets into the hands of the consumer the way it should. It is our partnership promise that sets us apart from our competitors.

Does Ispire sell products directly to consumers? Where can people find the Ispire Wand, batteries, and other quality vape products?

We do currently sell only The Wand And its accessories directly to consumers! You can purchase The Wand and its accessories on our website or from our retail partners. Get yours today!

As far as our carts and batteries, we only provide these to our industry brand partners. The best way for brand partners, dispensaries, or wholesalers to find our carts and batteries to white label is through reaching out to us directly via our website.

Consumers often opt for lower-cost batteries for vaping — does this pose any challenges for high-end cartridge design?

In short, no. We are seeing the cannabis industry pivot to putting quality first and Ispire does just that. Anyone can buy cheap carts or batteries online for much less than they do in a store, but with that decision comes a heavy burden. They would be smoking heavy metals, using faulty wiring that could burn their lips, and have many other risks involved with the cheaper options.

We are seeing now more than ever that you can have the best concentrates in the world, but the minute you put it in sub-par hardware you degrade its quality. With Ispire, that’s something they never have to worry about.

Unlike our competitors, our batteries are built to last and come at a surprisingly cost-effective price competitive with others in the industry. The price is great, the quality is even better and the partnership will last years into the future.

How can the industry better educate cannabis consumers on the relevance of buying a quality battery for vape cartridges?

It all starts from within. We as a community can put a focus on creating educational content for industry professionals and consumers alike. It’s important that we educate ourselves and our colleagues, and then share that information with the world through our social platforms, websites, and beyond.

Rather than focusing on the small, short-term savings provided by inferior products, we need to focus on the long-term benefits and reputability that come with choosing quality.

How does Ispire educate consumers and retail associates on the importance of purchasing a quality battery for vaping?

We create educational content around these topics that can be found on our social channels such as Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin.

How do you continue evolving to meet consumers’ needs?

Our answer is simple; we care, we focus on innovation, and we think outside the box. Our owner takes pride in immersing himself in the industry to see what the current needs are, and then spends countless months researching and testing to create new, never before seen products that are the best in cannabis.

Combined with our white-glove service and partnership promise to always deliver the best quality experience to our partners and consumers alike, Ispire has taken the industry by storm and will always stand out from the rest.

Thanks, Rick, for answering these questions for us! Visit GetIspire.com to learn more.


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