PuraVerde, Inc. Opens First Public Offering for Investment

Innovative Cannabis Company Stands Out Providing Private Label Services, Licensing Business Models, and the Production of Its Own Premium Products as PuraVerde Looks to Grow on the National Level

TULSA, Okla., Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PuraVerde, Inc., a cannabis company and operator that produces premium products, today announced the launch of its streamlined Regulation A, Tier 2 public offering for both un-accredited and accredited investors. Driving innovative research and development, PuraVerde is formulating products for the future of commercial cannabis. The Company plans to become a national leader in the pharmaceutical cannabis space; PuraVerde is welcoming investors to join in the journey.

The Company encourages all interested investors to visit puraverdecannabis.com/investors/ for a link to the Offering Circular and to learn how to invest in the offering.

A recent study reports cannabis sales in the U.S. increased 40% in 2021 to $25 billion. In 2020, Oklahoma dispensaries generated between $720 million and $880 million, with sales expected to top $1.1 billion by 2025.

One of Oklahoma’s top private label manufacturers, PuraVerde’s goal is to use the latest in available technology and analysis of production efficiencies to formulate, test, and package its medical cannabis products from its vertically integrated facility. Additionally, PuraVerde’s operations allow it to bring new products to market in Oklahoma. The company also serves as a leader in private label design, formulation, and manufacture. PuraVerde’s private label division has 13 distinct brands and 150+ total SKUs.

In 2021, PuraVerde completed a multi-million dollar expansion that included a new R&D Chemical Lab, Commercial Kitchen and Automated Manufacturing Facility. The company’s white labeling program aims to bring operational efficiency and increased margins to cannabis companies. As the demand for high-quality medical cannabis continues to increase, PuraVerde has secured a number of supply agreements and partnerships in Oklahoma that have served to increase revenues and position the company. The company intends to bring its business model to other states as the industry, as a whole, is poised for growth.

The Company is offering 33,333,333 shares Class C Common Stock, plus 3,333,333 Bonus Shares, for maximum gross processed of $50 million.

PuraVerde’s existing product line is sold and distributed to medical dispensaries throughout the state. The Company’s products include: Buffalo Roze Fine Cannabis, White Tail Extracts, Verde Pür, Zino Extracts, Pürshot, and the Bud Bar.

From 2020 through 2021, PuraVerde has seen $10mm+ total gross revenue, a 250% square footage increase in its manufacturing facility and a 4x increase in its brand portfolio. With these brands created specifically for certain market appeal, PuraVerde believes it has the makings of an industry success.

The Company encourages all interested investors to visit puraverdecannabis.com/investors/ for a link to the Offering Circular and to learn how to invest in the offering.

For more information on PuraVerde and its brands, visit PuraVerdecannabis.com.

View the offering circular directly by clicking here.

About PuraVerde, Inc.
One of Oklahoma’s top private label manufacturers, PuraVerde is planning to bring its A-game business model to other states. PuraVerde’s R&D lab has worked with new technologies like Nano Emulsion and Synthetic Cannabinoids that take PuraVerde’s growth to a new level. From PuraVerde’s technology to its brands to its private label program, learn why PuraVerde is one of most innovative companies in the cannabis industry.

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