Preview of CWCBExpo Los Angeles, Coming September 16-18

In less than two weeks, one of the largest gatherings in the international cannabis industry will convene in Los Angeles. The Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition (CWCBExpo) will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 16th through 18th.

Sponsored by the International Cannabis Association, the exposition will feature vendors of every niche and sector of the cannabis landscape, from cultivation experts and equipment manufacturers, to security consultants and staffing companies, to payment processing solutions and publishers.

Featured Keynote Speakers:

me_bannerMelissa Etheridge
Known for her confessional lyrics and raspy, smoky vocals, Melissa Etheridge has remained one of America’s favorite female singer-songwriters for more than two decades. She began her distinguished musical career in 1988 when she stormed onto the American rock scene with the release of her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. A cancer survivor, Etheridge has publicly spoken about the medicinal value of cannabis in her recovery and is launching her own line of canna-products including a marijuana-infused wine.

zimmerGeorge Zimmer
As a renowned business leader, and one of the early pioneers of Conscious Capitalism’s stakeholder model, Mr. Zimmer started what would become the largest men’s tailored clothing company in America. He is a supporter of the research on the therapeutic use of MDMA. He also was a strong advocate of Proposition 19 in California. Mr. Zimmer’s keynote will be part of a comprehensive conference program with the best minds in the medical, legal, financial and product development fields.

ethanEthan Nadellman
Described by Rolling Stone magazine as “the real drug czar,” Ethan Nadelmann is the Founder & Executive Director of the Drug Policy and is known for his persuasiveness and passion for promoting alternatives to the war on drugs. Mr. Nadelmann and his colleagues have played pivotal roles in most of the major drug policy reform ballot initiative campaigns in the United States on issues ranging from medical marijuana and marijuana legalization to prison reform, drug treatment and reform of asset forfeiture laws.

The fact that the event will take place in California, by far the largest medical marijuana economy in the world and potentially home to a recreational industry in the near future, is sure to make this one of the biggest cannabis business conferences in history.

A Word from ICA Founder Dan Humiston:

We recently asked Dan Humiston, founder of the International Cannabis Association, about what the event will be like and why this event is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is already involved or is curious about the cannabis industry to learn about California’s market and connect with other professionals and companies. Here is what he had to say:

The anticipated changes to the laws in California this year will create a TSUNAMI that’s going to make the previous three-year cannabis industry growth seem small. The seismic shift that is about to occur will create unprecedented business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in every state in the country.  Twenty-five years from now historians will point to this time, at this location and say that this was the “tipping point”.  Los Angeles is the epicenter and that is why the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is here, Sept. 16-18, at the LA Convention Center.

Locating the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition in LA, the entertainment capital of the world, during this historic time is critical for the industry.  Showcasing the industries professionalism and mainstream viability to the state’s key stakeholders will provide them with the confidence they need to move forward.

Entrepreneurs and investors in California and throughout the country who attend the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition will have first access to this life changing business opportunities. Everyone knows the Colorado story; California has 10 to 15 times more people… Talk about a Gold Rush!

In addition to the main conference floor and headlining presenters, the expo will offer several additional educational seminars including a WomenGROW series with presentations titled: Upcoming States for New Licenses, Future Billion-Dollar Segments: Pets & Skin Care, New Technology for Efficient Grows, What Women Want From the Cannabis Industry, and Capitalizing on the Senior Market While a Providing a Service.

Another panel discussion will focus on the intersection of sports medicine and medical cannabis, featuring both professional athletes and medical cannabis experts.

Visit the CWCBExpo website to reserve your tickets today: this is a once-in-a-lifetime to explore and connect with the foundation of the largest cannabis in the market, before it explodes!

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