Portland Cannabis Community to Gift Snoop Dogg $5,000 Worth of Oregon Pot Products

It’s one hundred percent legal under Oregon law to give away cannabis, and the local cannabis community in Portland is taking full advantage of this allowance. According to reports from The Oregonian, a couple dozen Oregon cannabis companies have pooled together resources to present Snoop Dogg with a gift: close to $5,000 worth of top-shelf Oregon flower, edibles, topicals and more.

Snoop is performing in Portland next Tuesday. Before going onstage, however, he and his crew will be given the gift, which was organized by Joshua Jardine Taylor of Portland. Taylor writes about cannabis for The Mercury, and recently founded Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge. “It was remarkably fast,” Taylor said. “… honestly, the feedback has been tremendous as far as people bringing me a lot more than I expected, people showing up with 2 ounces of their finest flower or 15 of their edibles.”

Naturally, the gift includes way more cannabis than legal limits allow (personal possession in Oregon is capped at one ounce of flower, one pound of edibles, 72 ounces of fluids, and one ounce of extract), so Snoop Dogg will be given first dibs on the products before the rest trickles down to his crew.

Photo Credit: MPM *** Música Para Marzianos


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