A group of 50 clergy members held a rally in support of medical marijuana legalization outside the Pennsylvania state capitol Wednesday.

The group, which comprised religious leaders from a variety of faiths, signed a statement imploring lawmakers to take action on the issue.

“It’s what we need to do. It is what Christ would do, Christ would help them… It’s the least I can do for them,” said the Reverend Bonnie Whittier. A member of her congregation, Jackson Salemme, suffers from epilepsy.

“Look at your fellow man and make this bill about the patients and not about the politics. There are real people and faces behind this legislation that we are fighting for,” said Cara Salemme, Jackson’s mother.

Salemne expressed her gratitude for the actions of the clergy: “Them standing strong behind parents, patients, and caregivers, I think it’s incredibly important, and it’s a powerful statement.”



Photo Credit: Gerry Dincher

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