At the inaugural meeting of Portland’s newly-formed NORML chapter, New Approach Oregon spokesman Anthony Johnson answered questions about Measure 91, last November’s voter-approved ballot initiative that legalized recreational marijuana.

When asked about residency requirements for Oregon’s legal marijuana businesses, Johnson answered, “Measure 91 was silent on residency requirements.” However, “If I had to predict, I think there will be some type of a residency requirement, at least a manager or a co-owner that’s an Oregon resident, at least for a few years under the [marijuana] licensing system.”

Portland NORML Executive Director Russ Belville commented, “Requiring an Oregon resident to be responsible for an Oregon commercial marijuana license is reasonable, but limiting investment and commercial participation only to Oregon residents runs counter to free market principles that will best serve responsible adult marijuana consumers.”

Washington and Colorado both have residency requirements — three months for WA, two years for CO — to obtain marijuana business licenses.


Photo Credit: docmonstereyes

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