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Sarah Climaco

Ohlson Packaging: Upgrading the Cannabis Industry With Automated Packaging

Despite its explosive growth and popularity, the cannabis space is still widely considered to be a fledgling industry with enormous untapped potential. As the legal markets grow, so too must the companies working behind the scenes if they hope to keep up with increasing demands — to address this issue, Ohlson Packaging has introduced the first cannabis-specific automated packaging systems available to cannabis entrepreneurs.Ohlson has helped businesses increase efficiency in their packaging procedures since the company’s founding in 1967. Since then, the company has worked alongside the largest of Fortune 500 brands and small-time family shops alike but only recently turned its attention to the cannabis industry.

Ohlson’s main objective is to provide their customers with customized solutions to help grow their enterprise, making the company a perfect fit for accommodating the intricate requirements of cannabis entrepreneurs who need to stay regulatory compliant.


Ohlson has designed and manufactured a full range of automatic and semi-automatic net weighing and counting machines that are now available to cannabis businesses. The company currently offers three cannabis-specific systems: the Budtender system, a semi-automatic system for weighing and filling cannabis-specific containers, which can reach 15-20 fills per minute; the Producer system, a similar semi-automatic system that is capable of 30-40 fills per minute; and the Processor system, which maintains the accuracy of other builds but is capable of moving at twice the speed when paired with one of Ohlson’s fully automatic bagging systems.

The systems work alongside any of the packaging options typically found in the cannabis industry, including but not limited to jars, medicine bottles, cups, and re-sealable plastic bags; the systems also work with any of the industry’s popular products, including cannabis flower, wax, shake, edibles, oils, and pre-rolls. Ohlson has engineered all of their systems with an emphasis on accuracy so that when filling a container with cannabis product there is guaranteed accuracy within one-tenth of a gram.

Nancy Weber, a sales representative for Ohlson Packaging, admits she had been unaware of the cannabis industry’s maturation until a Colorado business owner reached out about automating their cannabis packaging process. She immediately began her research, and “Wow, was I surprised what an amazing plant this was!” Weber said.

“I immersed myself in the industry and learned that we could re-engineer our multi-head scales to fit into this very specific and accurate industry,” said Weber. “I went to many trade shows, met with small and large companies, visited different grow sites, producers, and processors to show them the economic benefits of using Ohlson’s machinery and demonstrate how it could save them in labor costs year after year, help them keep up with demand, and keep them competitive with other producers.”

Ultimately, Ohlson’s automated packaging solutions drive up efficiency, lower labor costs, and dramatically reduce the rate of accidental product giveaways in every stage of the cannabis packaging process.

For more information or to request a quote, you can contact company representative Nancy Weber at nweber@ohlsonpack.com, call 508-977-0004 x19, or visit www.OhlsonPack.com.