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North Carolina Tire Retailer Transitions Into CBD Sales; Offering Product Trial Bundles

Pure Relief is a North Carolina-based CBD dispensary founded by entrepreneur and former tire retailer Mike Melton. The company, having transitioned from Melton’s former tire business into a holistic CBD center, may have a curious history but it has made big waves both online and in its local community via CBD product trial bundles.

The acceptance of CBD oils and products as a health alternative has spiked over the past few years, but, due to its origin in the cannabis plant, it has had a hard time growing in states that are less accepting of cannabis. Mike Melton made it his mission to bridge the gap between CBD and the people in his area through Pure Relief.

In 2001, Melton privately opened up a tire superstore. After over a decade of successful tire sales, he explains why he made the leap into the CBD industry:

“The magnitude of the national opioid epidemic, and its effect on people close to me battling drug addiction, really opened my eyes to CBD. Although the industry is growing, and from a business point of view it only makes sense to jump in now, my true reasoning is personally trying to change as many lives as I can for the positive; for the better.”

In January 2018, Melton officially launched Pure Relief online as an all natural product marketplace and changed the signage of the tire shop to reflect his new business. In order to boost interest and get CBD into people’s hands, he decided to keep prices low because he knew the CBD would ultimately sell itself to people who need it, once they’ve tried it.

When asked about his end goal in the CBD space, Melton said, “We obviously want to offer the highest-quality CBD to people around the world online, and we want to have hundreds of CBD dispensaries across the nation. But these are just steps leading to my ultimate goal, which is to cause a meaningful shift in the opioid crisis and save actual lives, one tincture at a time.”

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