New Security Technology Protects Cannabis with Rodent, Deer and Human Detection

Palo Alto, CA — Camect INC fills the costly security gap for cannabis dispensary and grow facilities with an affordable AI-powered smart hub able to detect rodents, deer and humans with a less than 1% error rate.

Until the S.A.F.E. Banking Act passes cash intensive dispensary owners are at rising risk for violent and costly burglaries from humans. According to NPR, the wave of crime has escalated. Grow facilities face the double threat from both human crop theft and destruction from rodents and animals. One rodent can destroy thousands of dollars of valuable plants.

Live guards burden owners with as much as $50,000 a month in round-the-clock security. A solution that is not affordable to most. Video security cameras offer at best a reactive approach to crime detection. These cameras are designed to record, not detect. In a world with understaffed, overworked police officers these videos are not actually helpful. This can be a huge distraction with alerts going off every time a leaf, bug or weather triggers an alarm. NYT reports that 80% of DIY security system owners are annoyed by “false-alarms”.

Camect uses AI-powered object detection. The nanosecond an object (rodent, deer, person, pick-up truck, delivery truck, etc.) is detected, an alert is deployed, if you want to know about it. The system will adapt to the user’s preferences, virtually eliminating false alarms. Camect affordable smart hub connects with almost every existing camera system. Most often no new equipment is needed.

“Regulations require dispensary owners to pour large amounts of capital into their business and operate as cash-only enterprises. This puts product and cash at great risk with criminals targeting both. One of my new customers called me after he lost huge amounts of inventory and $75,000 cash with one break-in. Camect is committed to helping business owners take a proactive approach and deter these crimes,” says Camect National Account Manager Brad Kenning who specializes in Cannabis Security.

Camect is currently available worldwide. Contact Camect Marketing Director Rachel Swardson at for more information.

About Camect
Camect Inc is the first to bring affordable, accurate and reliable Artificial Intelligence analytics to video and non-video security systems. Our goal is to help human beings focus on what matters.