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New D.C. Law Allows Medical Cannabis In Schools

New legislation in Washington D.C. opens the door for medical cannabis patients who are students to receive doses of their medicine while in school.

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Washington D.C. has passed emergency legislation to allow children enrolled in the District’s medical cannabis system to receive their medical cannabis at school. Sponsored by City Councilman David Grosso, the bill permits medical cannabis to be administered to students in the nurse’s office like other medications.

Prior to this bill passing, D.C. residents, including children registered as medical cannabis patients, could only consume cannabis at home or at a medical cannabis treatment facility, causing undue hardships for many parents and students.   

Councilman David Grosso said when he introduced the bill:

“No student should have to choose between attending school or receiving effective treatment for a medical condition. With the cautious approach, we have often made life harder for those who need treatment. That is the reason for this emergency legislation.” — Councilman David Grosso, in his opening statement

Because cannabis is still illegal federally, and most schools receive support from the federal government, many school districts have been reluctant to allow medical cannabis on school campuses. However, D.C. joins a growing list of jurisdictions around the country who are allowing students to receive their medical cannabis at schools.

The Department of Education has not released a statement addressing this issue. 


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