The Nevada State Capitol Building in Carson City, Nevada.

Bryan Allison

Nevada Bill Banning Infused Candy One of Four Approved by Senate

Nevada’s Senate passed four cannabis-related measures before a legislative deadline day including one that would effectively allow cannabis clubs, another allowing the governor to work with state tribes interested in permitting the legal cannabis industry, one dealing with cannabis product packaging, and a measure that would allow medical cannabis to be used to treat opioid addiction, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports.

Included in the packaging bill are provisions that ban cannabis-infused products containing sugar, unless it is a baked good. Industry leaders have argued the bill’s definition of “candy” is too broad.

“Candy,” according to the bill text, is defined as “a product which contains sugar and is produced in the shape of a cartoon, character, mascot, action figure, human balloon (sic), fruit or toy or any other shape determined by the Division [of Public and Behavioral Health] to be likely to appeal primarily to children.”

The bill also sets other packaging requirements such as THC content labeling and requiring childproof containers.

The cannabis club legislation would allow any businesses and special events to apply for a license to allow cannabis on their premises, with some zoning restrictions. The bill dealing with state tribes includes provisions requiring the tribal cannabis regulations be as strict as those imposed by the state.

Another bill eliminating urine tests for drivers suspected to be under the influence of cannabis passed the Assembly last week and will move to the Senate floor.

All of the measures passed by the Senate must still be approved by the Assembly before moving to the governor’s desk.

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