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At the time of writing this product review, beneficial insects for the cannabis garden are just coming into popularity. They are filling a need stemming from two drives. First, now that growers and enthusiasts have access to residual pesticide testing in laboratories, it has become very obvious that any sort of petrochemical pesticide used on a cannabis plant will find its way into your body. This is even compounded if the cannabis will be concentrated for dabs, RSO or similar but you are still smoking poison in the flowers even if you just roll a joint. This realization has validated the huge underground of ferociously dedicated probiotic and organic cannabis growers around the world who knew ahead of the rest of the industry that promises of increased yields and no pests from bottles were simply smoke and mirrors.

Second, right now we are seeing a wave of cannabis recalls in Colorado based on test results finding carcinogenic pesticides used in their state-licensed cannabis market. There are calls from all over for a decreased use of pesticides and more consumer protection across the cannabis industry.

Enter Natural Enemies: the good guys bringing beneficial insects into the cannabis garden.

If you use petrochemical pesticides on your crops, the chemicals will end up in your final product and that is no good for anybody. Also, pests are frustrating, so why not try and prevent them in the first place? By using beneficial insects you can prevent outbreaks or control outbreaks that have already occurred with a non-chemical solution that is safe and easy on the environment and your cannabis garden.

Beneficial insects from Natural Enemies will consume pests and protect your cannabis garden.
Beneficial insects from Natural Enemies will consume pests and protect your cannabis garden.

Imagine this scenario with the hated two-spot spider mite. The first thing you can do is to order a beneficial insect like Amblyseius fallacis to release into your garden that eats a variety of pest nymphs and eggs before they become mature.

But if you already have an infestation, what then? Well, then you apply a beneficial mite that enjoys eating living spider mites. Phytoseiulus persimilis feeds strictly on two spot spider mites and is used to clean up epidemic-level situations.

Here is the astonishing part, after the beneficial insects rid your garden of eggs, nymphs and living mites, they are still hungry and will pick your plants clean of pests and then wander off in search of more food and die away from the garden or buried into the soil depending on the species. So you really can add an insect to your garden that will eat all the bad guys and then essentially disappear. This is groundbreaking.

Applying insects from Natural Enemies.
Applying insects from Natural Enemies.

You can be assured that this solution will become the solution of choice for commercial cannabis growers everywhere. Here in the early days, however, people are still learning about it and trying it out themselves for the first time. Natural Enemies is way ahead of the curve with this product, and we expect to see them everywhere very soon.

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