MV1 Vaporizer by GHOST Vapes

GHOST Vapes was founded by three friends who were looking to correct mistakes of vaporizers past. The trio set out reverse-engineering the most popular vapes on the market while interviewing retailers and consumers to find out what they liked and didn’t like about modern vaporizer technology. The team then focused on assessing how and why certain functionalities were often complained about. Read on for a review of the MV1 by GHOST Vapes.

In creating MV1, GHOST Vapes wanted to utilize the best of convection vaping while also meeting medical-grade standards. The result is a highly developed piece of technology that provides a stealthy vapor experience with the added bonus of an easy-to-use app that is available for Samsung users. This design lets us vape wax or cured flower in the same crucible, to switch to concentrates just add the small concentrate pad to the crucible before vaping.

The MV1, cleaning wipes, cotton buds, a concentrate pad and more arrive in a sleek magnetized black box with chartreuse accents. While it is nice to look at and well presented, the piece itself is somewhat heavy and bulky. It’s definitely not meant for a pocket but is great for a purse or backpack. In fact, the vape is so attractive it’d be suitable as a coffee table piece on hand for movie nights.

There are three buttons located on the MV1. On the front of the piece is the Mode button, on the back is the vape button, and in the bottom front of the vape is a button that will discharge the battery. GHOST recommends sliding the battery off of the device and fully charging it before using the product. While charging, an LED light on the battery will shine red. Once this light turns off the battery is fully charged. Another way to monitor battery is to use the app, which not only keeps an eye on battery life but also lets a user lock the vape from being used from anywhere. This sounds great for a parent looking to keep their teens out of their cannabis stash or even a paranoid roommate.

How To Use GHOST MV1:
  1. Remove the battery and charge fully until LED light turns off, then replace the battery.
  2. Slide latch and the chamber will pop open to reveal crucible, load ground herb into crucible and close chamber until you hear it click.
  3. Hold the Mode button down until the bar lights green. Click three times fast until only the middle green light is illuminated.
  4. Pull out glass mouthpiece about half an inch, use the thumb to ensure the mouthpiece remains level.
  5. Once ready to vape, push vape button on the back of the MV1 down, you will feel a vibration. Keep holding until a longer vibration kicks in, this indicates that the piece is ready to hit.
  6. Continue holding down the button until after pulling from the mouthpiece for at least 10 seconds.
  7. Follow this vibration pattern until the vape session is complete.

Vaping with the MV1 is a nice experience. The vapor is cool and smooth and the piece is easy to use once we figured out the nuances. At the beginning of the session the vapor wasn’t very visible, but it still definitely did the job. The convection technology and crucible create a pretty even vape, but the top bud still gets vaped last while the flower on the bottom gets pretty toasted. This effect can cause a harsher hit by the end of the vape sesh.

The vape experience is pleasant and the vibrations take the guesswork out of whether or not the chamber is ready. Those who are brand new to the vape world won’t understand the impressive points of the piece but the ease of use makes it still suitable for new vapers. Overall this is a wax and dry herb vape worth checking out for anyone intrigued by vape technology.

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