Indoor cannabis growing facility in Washington state.

New Albuquerque Business to Serve NM’s Medical Cannabis Patients and Providers


MountainTop Extracts recently became New Mexico’s first licensed indoor BHO/PHO solvent-based extraction plant in their new state-of-the-art production facility located in Albuquerque.

MountainTop spokesman, Jeremy McCollum, said the operation will be serving the burgeoning medical cannabis industry in New Mexico. McCollum stated, “Our focus is to produce and distribute safest and purest medicine for the patients in the NM Medical Cannabis Program.”

According to the NM Department of Health, MountainTop’s Class 1 Division 1 facility is the first of its kind in the state and is currently the only indoor, solvent-based extraction facility licensed and approved to process cannabis in New Mexico.

Cannabis extraction is a process of pulling the concentrated oils containing the active compounds like THC and CBD from the plant’s flowers and byproducts including leaves and trimmings. This concentrated oil can then be further processed to produce various forms of medicine.

MountainTop Extracts will be contracting their extraction and product manufacturing services for NM’s licensed non-profit producers. Because the safest method of production for medicines can be produced only in a clean and sterile environment such as MountainTop’s new facility, NM patients now can expect to receive medicine that meet the highest industry standards.

MountainTop Extracts built the facility with a focus on:

  • Supplying the highest quality medicine to patients
  • Providing a safe working environment for employees
  • Utilizing natural, repurposed or renewable resources during construction
  • Compliance with all safety rules, guidelines and regulations
  • Redundancy to provide backup in case of equipment failure

This new MountainTop facility exceeds current health and safety standards set by the State of New Mexico Department of Health and was built to the same high safety standards that are currently being implemented in the State of Colorado. The new lab features state-of-the-art extraction equipment that has garnered more extraction awards than any other equipment in the industry. MountainTop Extracts will operate with superior safety features like: gas monitoring alarms, a custom-engineered ventilation system and explosion-proof wiring and electrical components.

The owners of MountainTop recognized that processing medicine in an outdoor environment, in the wind and dust, is not conducive to manufacturing a quality product. In order to produce medicines that are free from potential contaminants, the equipment and the cannabis product must be stored and produced indoors within a medically sterile and hygienic indoor laboratory location. Currently, all other licensed BHO extractors in NM are making their products in outdoor production environments.

Owners of the new company are Albuquerque residents, Jeremy McCollum, Eric Merryman, and Jennifer Merryman. These three local entrepreneurs combined their passions for cannabis genetics, growing methods, extraction science into their new business. Their vision includes a commitment to social justice issues surrounding the medical cannabis community and growing their company in New Mexico, dedicated to ethical, socially progressive and environmentally conscious business practices.

According to McCollum, MountainTop Extracts has been designed as an entrepreneurial group dedicated to collaborating with other like-minded people who share their passion in order to produce the most effective and highest quality medicine for patients.