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Mother Carrying Epilepsy Medication is First Person to Bring Cannabis Legally Into UK

A woman returning from Amsterdam to her home in the United Kingdom this week became the first person to legally carry THC-rich cannabis oils into the country, according to The Independent.

Hannah Deacon was carrying a five-month supply of cannabis oils for her son, Alfie Dingley, who, at six years old, suffers regularly from epilepsy-induced seizures. Holding an emergency license issued on June 19 by the Home Office to access and import the heavily controlled substance, Ms. Deacon touched down yesterday evening at London City Airport.

“Today, for the first time ever in this country, we have bought back THC oil through the airport legally, which is amazing. It is very, very important for him to have a normal, happy life so it’s a momentous occasion for us, his whole family and for him, most importantly.” — Hannah Deacon, after passing through customs, via The Independent

Ms. Deacon arrived back in the UK on the same day that another six-year-old — a girl living in Northern Ireland named Sophia Gibson — was rushed to the hospital and placed in an induced coma because of a severe epileptic seizure. The Gibson family is still awaiting their own emergency license to access the life-saving medical cannabis oils.

Pressure has mounted recently against the government for its heavy-handed treatment of parents with epileptic children seeking the medical cannabis “miracle” drug. Last month, critics railed against the Home Office for confiscating cannabis oils from Charlotte Caldwell, who had declared the substance to customs officials while returning from Canada but did not have an emergency license to bring cannabis oils across the border at that time.


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