Meadow Platform

Meadow Platform Software Suite Helps Dispensaries and Delivery Services Streamline Their Business

Meadow Platform is a software suite that’s dedicated to helping dispensaries and delivery services connect more easily with their customers. The service is currently available to all dispensaries and cannabis delivery services operating in California’s medical cannabis industry.

Meadow Platform is offered by the people behind San Francisco-based, an online dispensary database, and, an online medical evaluation service that connects patients with physicians specializing in medical cannabis.

Meadow Platform is a natural descendant of Meadow’s earlier offerings: it takes the menu software used in the consumer-focused GetMeadow site and makes it available to the websites of participating dispensaries and delivery services. Meadow Platform also satisfies the compliance requirements of California’s medical cannabis regulations — including the HIPAA-compliant storage of all patients’ documents.

Since its November 2015 launch, Meadow Platform has also brought point of sale, inventory management, and data and analytics software into its fold.

The service itself is optimized for mobile devices, said Colleen Hooks, Head of Communications for Meadow Platform. The software suite offers additional perks to delivery services, including options for the tracking and displayed routing of delivery drivers, as well as messaging options for direct communication with patients as they await their deliveries.

“Ultimately, it’s smart technology built for cannabis [companies] to save time, money, and resources; have top-level security; maintain compliance with all current and upcoming regulations; and set them up for scale and success,” Hooks said.

“All of this is priced on a sliding scale. It’s based on the number of active patients. So if you’re a little dispensary that’s just starting out, this software will work for you. If you’re an enormous dispensary … that will work for you too,” said Hooks. “Nobody is priced out of using our software.”

“I feel that Meadow genuinely has concern and care for the success of my business,” said Wendy McPherson, owner of Flower Power dispensary. “They have a very hands-on approach, for example, not only did they train us on their software, they actually spent the day with us to oversee us in operation and offered all the assistance we needed, answered all our questions, and continue to be there whenever we need them, in person if need be.”

You can find more information about Meadow Platform at the company’s website, where you can also request a free demo and learn about how Meadow Platform can benefit your dispensary or cannabis delivery company.