Marley Natural

The “official Bob Marley cannabis brand” unveiled its Marley Natural lifestyle products in Portland this week, designed to mirror the “Marley ethos,” according to a report from The Oregonian. The brand is owned by his children who run his estate.  

In addition to cannabis, the line includes lotions, oils, candles, and marijuana tools made from black walnut. They are also releasing a biannual Marley Natural magazine “dedicated to cannabis, clean living, and the legacy of Bob Marley.” Both flower and the non-cannabis products are available at Serra and Nectar dispensaries; the non-cannabis products can also be bought online.

The company is headquartered in New York, but since they grow flower, they have an Oregon facility. They offer four cannabis products — an indica, a sativa, a hybrid strain, and a high-CBD strain — which are grown outdoors in the Applegate Valley. The products are available in eighths, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

Zack Hutson, a Marley Natural spokesman, said the brand is a way of channeling the late reggae star, whose name and image have become synonymous with the marijuana counter-culture.

On Saturday, the company will join the Minority Cannabis Business Association for the Rise Up Oregon Expungement Day, where participants will file requests with the state to expunge their cannabis-related charges. Huston says the company’s participation in that event works toward their mission to “alleviate some of the harms associated with prohibition.”       

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