Marijuana Job Fair Website Encourages Citizens to Take the “High Road”

With the recreational cannabis industry well underway in Colorado, and Washington’s market soon to follow, more and more people are looking for work in retail, production, and other niches of the marijuana market., a website dedicated to providing resources to those in search of a job in this new industry, has recently launched their efforts to connect employers with potential employees both online and in person.

In recent months, cannabis career fairs have attracted huge gatherings of hopeful applicants. In Denver, the vaporizer manufacturer O.PenVape recently hosted an event dubbed “CannaSearch” that attracted a line of visitors that wrapped around the block at the event’s opening. “This is just the first example of how enthusiastic the general populace is about the industry,” said a representative from “So many people are sitting in cubicles at boring office jobs or standing behind counters at big retail chains: I wouldn’t be surprised if there is going to be a mass exodus of employees who would rather work in the cannabis industry.” If there were such a trend, of course, the competition would be fierce: there is a finite number of cannabis industry businesses, and most of them are likely very selective about who they hire.

The website itself is currently purely informational, though it alludes to future events and services that the group intends to offer. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for email alerts about progress on the website and updates on marijuana business events near where they live. The website also offers a list of brief descriptions of the different types of jobs that may be available, from grow supervisor, to “Budtender,” to social media marketing coordinator.

“We’re excited to offer a valuable service to both cannabis businesses and employees seeking work,” the representative said. “Big things are coming.”