Marijuana Industry Job Listings Added to Ganjapreneur Website

Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to cannabis business news and professional content, has announced the addition of a cannabis industry job listings section to its website. The job listings will be generated primarily via third-party platforms where cannabis growers, retailers, and ancillary businesses post their employment openings. Ganjapreneur’s stated goal is to provide one location for aspiring ganjapreneurs to see all of the industry job postings each day.

Ganjapreneur hopes to compile a comprehensive overview of the legal marijuana job market. With positions ranging from Budtender to Delivery Driver, the professional opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis industry are unique and can often by firercely competitive.

By publishing unique, in-depth content, a weekly newsletter, as well as extensive interviews with prominent marijuana professionals, Ganjapreneur’s primary goal is to keep its readers up to date on the latest developments and opportunities related to the cannabis industry. Last week, Ganjapreneur announced the first segment of an interview with Matt Brown, founder of Denver-based marijuana tourism company My 420 Tours. The interview was conducted via audio, and a transcription is available for reading on the Ganjapreneur website.

Ganjapreneur also recently announced the release of an open-source dictionary of marijuana slang terms which is open to public submissions. Cannabis enthusiasts are encouraged to submit their favorite “stoner slang terms” and phrases to be included in the open source dictionary.