Maine Author Pens Children’s Book Normalizing Cannabis

A Maine author has published an illustrated, rhyming, children’s book about cannabis titled “What’s That Weed?” attempting to normalize cannabis use by families. Russ Hudson, who also works as a cannabis industry consultant, said that he wrote the book to quell the fears of the public and help parents teach their children “the truth about marijuana.”

“Why is it okay to consume wine, beer, or liquor in front of a child, but not marijuana? Why can families hold barbecues and gatherings where alcohol is consumed, people get intoxicated, and that’s perfectly normal, but the moment someone lights up a joint to relax, they’re at risk of persecution?  It’s legal to smoke cancer-causing cigarettes in front of your children, but a joint is worthy of prison or the forfeiture of parental rights? This has to end,” Hudson said in a press release. “Our children deserve to know the truth, and we owe it to them.”

Hudson’s 6-year-old daughter is featured as the main character in the story, which covers both adult and medical cannabis use as well as the use of cannabis as an animal feed.

“Cannabis is perhaps the most valuable natural resource we have on this planet. We were wrong to demonize it, and we’ve been unhappy as a result,” Hudson said. “It’s time to reset the balance on marijuana, and restore it to its rightful place in our lives; on our plates, in our oils, in our industries, and in our minds and bodies.”

Hudson is making copies of the book available to Maine libraries for free.

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