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Louis CK is a Narc, According to Pete Davidson

In his new Netflix special, Pete Davidson accuses Louis CK of reporting his frequent cannabis use to his boss, Lorne Michaels, in an attempt to have him fired.

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The latest Netflix standup comedy special features SNL cast member Pete Davidson, a comic known for half-baked jokes and semi-stoned rambling humor. In his opening joke, Davidson tells a story about Louis CK that suggests that the famously red-haired comedian is not only guilty of sexual misconduct, he’s also a narc.

The incident took place before numerous allegations of sexual harassment surfaced against Louis CK, and Davidson recalled that Louis was a highly-respected comedian at the time. As the story goes, after smoking a joint in his dressing room at 30 Rock, something Davidson often does to cope with his Crohn’s Disease, he walked out to the main area where Louis CK was “holding court.” To avoid drawing attention to himself, a common desire among stoned people, Davidson pulled up his hoodie and made a bee-line to the elevator without engaging with the crowd surrounding Louis CK.

That is when Louis CK called out Davidson to those crowded around him and, in Davidson’s recollection, called him a “fucking loser” who is “smoking his career away.” Taking it as a heckle rather than a direct insult, Davidson shook it off at the time. But that was just the beginning.

Soon after that experience, Davidson was called into the office of SNL show-runner Lorne Michaels. Apparently, Louis CK had not only called out Davidson in front of the cast and crew for his cannabis use, but he’d also gone in person to the young actor’s boss and told on him. More specifically, Michaels claimed that Louis had insisted that Davidson get a stern talking to. Although Davidson was called in to meet with Michaels, he was not ultimately fired, and he continues to work as a cast member of SNL.

Although the Netflix special just began streaming last week, this is not the first time Pete Davidson has used the story in his stand-up material; Indie Wire covered his bad blood with Louis CK in January of 2019.

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