Lifted Announces Custom Website & App Services for Cannabis Marketing

Lifted, a cannabis technology platform, announced a new platform to help shops and brands launch custom apps and websites. Their goal is to help businesses sell directly to customers and reduce dependence on marketplaces like Weedmaps.

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“Monopoly marketplaces create unhealthy competition and make it difficult to retain customers. It’s more important than ever for shops, delivery services, and brands to connect with customers directly through their own independent online presence. Lifted makes it fast, easy, and affordable for businesses to launch custom mobile apps and websites,” said Michael Boyle, CEO of Lifted. “Custom apps and websites help people build direct relationships with businesses, stay informed, and get rewarded for their loyalty.”

Based in Southern California, Lifted was founded in 2016 and serves hundreds of dispensaries and delivery services in the United States and Canada.

Independent apps and websites

Using Lifted, shops, brands, and creators can easily launch their own custom websites and apps. Members can download apps from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad and from Google Play for Android devices. Websites use their own domain name and are SEO-optimized to be among the top results in search engines like Google.

Push Notifications and SMS

Using Lifted’s Broadcasts system, businesses can easily send announcements, deals, and offers to all of their members via SMS or app-based push notifications. Analytics tell businesses how many members engage with a broadcast including how many go on to make a purchase.

Loyalty, Points, and Rewards

Shops are able to offer their members points and rewards for purchases. This gives customers a reason to come back in the future to shop instead of looking for deals from competitors.

Additional features in Lifted include:
  • Online menus and ordering make it easy for customers to browse products and place orders for pickup or delivery. Menus can sync with existing online menus or POS systems so inventory is always accurate.
  • Store locator helps brands direct members to nearby retail and delivery services that carry their products.
  • Private chat allows members to message businesses and cut down on phone calls and in-shop consultations.
  • Community feeds enable businesses to post cannabis content to their own app which won’t get shutdown unlike on Instagram.
  • Events keep members informed of patient appreciation days, product demos, and special opportunities.
  • Contests make it fun for members to create and submit their own content. Winners can be selected, notified, and awarded points.

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