Leafwire Launches the Largest Retargeting Audience in the Cannabis B2B Industry, Reaching 3+ Million Connected Devices

Traditionally, it’s been almost impossible for advertisers to reach the cannabis business community through banner ads on traditional ad networks, utilizing programmatic advertising.

So How Can You Reach a Cannabis Biz Audience on Sites Like CNN, ESPN, and USA TODAY?

There is no single gender, age, geography, job type, company type or purchasing behavior that defines cannabis business professionals; cannabis professionals can be growers, budtenders, greenhouse builders, accountants, scientists, marketers, lawyers, investors and more. It’s an incredibly diverse community that is very difficult to target.

Cannabis consumers and enthusiasts are easier to reach through a variety of large cannabis shopping platforms like Weedmaps, Leafly and Dutchie, but that’s not the cannabis business community. A B2B solution has been sorely missing.

Of course, there are cannabis news sites and social networks such as MJBiz Daily, Leafwire, and Ganjapreneur to reach a B2B audience, but cannabis business professionals also spend a significant amount of time on mainstream sites surfing the web, like CNN, ESPN and USAToday.com. Until now, the industry hasn’t had a way to reach cannabis professionals on those massive mainstream sites, until now.

The ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel’

In conjunction with MediaJel and one of the world’s largest ad networks with 10,000+ websites (contact Leafwire for more info), Leafwire has built the largest re-targeting audience in the cannabis business industry. Through partnerships with multiple cannabis news sites and some of the largest conferences in the industry, Leafwire has amassed an audience of cannabis business professionals consisting of more than 500,000 recognizable ‘digital fingerprints’ creating the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel.”  Now advertisers can purchase ads across 10,000+ sites, like CNN, ESPN and USA Today, and target only a true cannabis business audience.

“Just like real estate is all about ‘location, location, location’, successful marketing relies on ‘targeting, targeting, targeting.’ This is the power of the new ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel.’ You can now advertise almost everywhere online, but reach ONLY the audience you want to target,” said Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel.

3.2 Million Devices

In addition, those 500,000 digital fingerprints were matched to more than 3.2 million devices (including phones, tablets and desktop computers), and the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel’ can be targeted on all of those 3.2 million devices.

The beauty of programmatic advertising is the frequency with which you can reach your targeted audience. CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) tend to be around $20, so for a $10K campaign, you are able to show 500,000 impressions (or ad units) to your targeted audience. The goal is typically to show your banners to a specific person between 20-30 times in order to drive engagement (that’s the modern equivalent of the ‘7X’ marketers used to use as a Golden Rule).If you do the math, if you have 500,000 impressions, you have a chance to show your banners/ads to 16,666 professionals – 30X each (16,666 individuals X 30 times = 500,000 impressions).

In addition, programmatic advertising is based on optimization; if a campaign starts off showing ads on 2,000 sites, the optimization engine begins to show more ads on sites producing clicks, so the campaign is continuously improving as it runs longer –  like fine wine, it gets better with age.

What Type of Advertiser Should Take Advantage of the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel’?

If you’re looking to sell your products and services to the cannabis & hemp business community, the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel’ is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting payment processing, insurance, lighting, packaging, vape hardware, wholesale CBD, consulting services or technology, your target is the same – cannabis business owners and cannabis business professionals.

That’s the audience we’ve amassed on the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel’- a super targeted list of cannabis business owners and professionals … And they’re waiting to hear from YOU.

For more information on the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel,’ please reach out to us at Leafwiremedia.com.