Las Vegas Dispensary Extends Delivery Service to Adult-Use Customers

Oasis Cannabis, a Las Vegas dispensary, is now offering its delivery services to adult-use customers – while they still can, KTNV reports. Under the temporary regulations currently in effect in Nevada, recreational delivery is permitted; however, the Department of Taxation’s draft of permanent regulations do not allow adult-use cannabis delivery, citing safety concerns.

Ben Sillitoe, owner of Oasis, disagrees with the Tax Department assessment. He contends that delivery helps mitigate the illicit market and that he has crafted his own internal company policies that are “more strict” than what the state requires. His vehicles are unmarked and the drivers carry only enough cash for the transaction, which cannot exceed 1 ounce.

“Safety is a very big priority for us when it comes to everything that we do. We want to make sure first of all that we know who we’re delivering to,” he said in the report. “So we verify the identity of the individual who has placed the order. And then our current policy is to only deliver to the address on the ID that was provided to prove the age of the individual.”

Additionally, he said, that many people want delivery because they have health issues that could limit their mobility, adding that some adult-use customers are patients that didn’t register with the state.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a challenge but as long as we can have delivery, then we can work on improving it,” Sillitoe said.



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