Lab Properties to Acquire $30 Million in Cannabis Real Estate

San Diego, CA, November 26, 2019 – Lab Properties today announced plans to acquire $30 million of commercial cannabis real estate in 2020. Currently, Lab Properties owns and operates three properties across the state of California and serves over a dozen cannabis tenants. The company plans to grow its portfolio to $200 million over the next four years.

Bringing extensive experience in redevelopment and hands-on management, Lab Properties’ CEO Daniel Shkolnik saw the momentum behind cannabis legalization in 2016 and founded Lab Properties to become a dynamic and impactful real estate solution for emerging cannabis operations.

With the United States cannabis industry on track to deliver ~$100 billion in economic impact by 2023, thousands of operators will ultimately be faced with the challenge of finding suitable space as they expand their businesses.  Given the complex and ever-evolving regulatory environment, their needs are highly specialized.

To serve these established and emerging cannabis brands, Lab Properties will be focusing on three key strategies to acquire real estate deals ranging from $2-20 million over the next 12 months:

1) Acquire income-producing real estate from existing operators. Under its sale-leaseback program, the company will purchase an existing operator’s property and lease it back to them on a long-term basis, allowing operators to unlock trapped equity or working capital. The company can also partner with growing brands looking for expansion.

2) Unlock value in distressed situations. Lab Properties is uniquely positioned to execute deals that may have additional complexities, such as distress or urgency. Under its special situations program, Lab Properties can create certainty of deal execution and success in times of need. Operators who have had investors pull out just before closing, a landlord neglect to bring the building into compliance, or a lack of liquidity to complete tenant improvements may benefit from this program.

3) Bring life to underutilized properties through redevelopment. The company sources zoned projects in key jurisdictions with the ultimate goal of activating underutilized properties through redevelopment and/or change of use.

According to CEO Daniel Shkolnik, “A big part of our culture at Lab Properties is being adaptive, seeing opportunities and acting fast to deploy capital quickly when cannabis operators need it most. We look forward to collaborating with the brightest minds to find and create value, pushing the industry forward towards a limitless future.”

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Founded in 2016, Lab Properties is a real estate investment and development company dedicated to empowering the next generation of cannabis companies. For more information, visit

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