Klean Scissors Completes Phase II Trials for ‘Deresinator’ Scissor-Cleaning Product

CALIFORNIA (6/15/2022) — Klean Scissors Inc is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Phase II trials for the corporation’s flagship product, the revolutionary Deresinator.

The Phase II trials involved over one hundred hours of successful scissor cleaning in several processing facilities in Northern California. After Phase I trials, the company made slight modifications to the brush assembly and machine aperture so that the Deresinator is now compatible with all brands of trim scissors, including curved blades.

The Deresinator is the world’s first automatic cannabis trim scissor cleaning machine. It eliminates the current messy and time-consuming process of soaking the scissors in open containers of solvent for five to ten minutes and then wiping them off. It cleans resin-coated scissor blades in seconds.

The Deresinator will save growers and processers both time and money as well as offer a safe, enclosed space for potentially hazardous solvents in the workplace.

“We now have three working prototypes and patents in both the USA and Canada on a groundbreaking tool that will save an enormous amount of time when processing cannabis, an industry that is only going to grow,” said Dave Timoney, President and CEO. “We are seeking capital to begin manufacturing this break-through technology. We will also consider selling the patents and invention for the right price.”

For more information (and video): https://cleantrimming.com/

Dave Timoney (530) 277-0411