John Evich via Top Shelf Cannabis: Investing in Washington’s Recreational Market

In July, when we first contacted John Evich about the possibility of featuring Top Shelf Cannabis as the first installment in our industry pioneers video series, he invited us to come film the first sales of edible products and concentrates in Washington State, which was happening the next day. It wasn’t until a full month later that we got to sit down with him for the interview and shop tour with John, who is the primary investor in the company.

Top Shelf Cannabis also made history as the first retail store to open under I-502, which legalized the production, retail, and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes in the state. They are located in Bellingham, WA, just 50 miles south of Vancouver, BC (Evich estimates that close to 15% of his business is due to tourism, much of which comes from Canada). Over the course of the interview, Evich went into great detail about how he got involved with the business, some of the challenges he faced along the way, and what he predicts for the future of legalized recreational cannabis.

We were honored by the invitation to film the first night of edibles sales, during which we got the exclusive footage of the first sale  in the state. We have included a recap of that evening in the full-length video interview and shop tour with John. Watch the full video below!

UPDATE: We also just received word that Top Shelf Cannabis has stocked their first batch of Legal Infused Soda from Mirth Provisions. Look them up via Facebook and their website to learn more!

Video Overview:

Start – 2:20 — Shop Tour

2:20 – 9:25 — Q&A

9:25 – 13:05 — First Night of Edibles

13:05 – End — Q&A

**Transcription coming soon.


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