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Job Description

Reporting to the executive team, the Distillate Sales will be an active participant in the implementation of sales strategies and increase stakeholder engagement. You will be an expert with buyers, fully understand what they buy, their buying criteria, and be able to transfer that knowledge to the sales channel. Our Distillate Sales manager is responsible for displaying exceptional customer service, maintaining organization and daily workflow, and managing employee functions. They should have the knowledge, ability, and willingness to meet weekly and monthly sales goals.


• Manage and negotiate high-value transactions with high profile clients
• Manage deal flow through CRM
• Be a liaison between the executive team, customers and our support team
• Daily sales meetings
• Serve as a primary point of contact on sales relationships
• Accountable for Business to Business sales with assigned
• Develop and implement strategies for growing sales with current customers and acquiring new business opportunities
• Understand customer needs and develop and execute sales/marketing strategies
• Conduct needs analyses and aligns with product offerings
• Maintain a clean and organized sales floor and stockroom
• Enforce all policies and procedures directed by the company
• Manage Inventory control
• Manage daily workflow and task delegation
• Create implement and train employees on procedures
• Provide exceptional customer service


• Attention to detail and organization
• Strong sales and negotiation abilities
• Strong work ethic
• Excellent customer service
• Positive and encouraging management style
• Ability to mediate uncomfortable situations
• Critical and quick thinking
• Leadership skills
• Excellent communication skills.
• Strong written and interpersonal skills

Job Details

  • Employment Type

    • Full-Time
  • Employer


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    Los Angeles, CA


Employer Details


Metagreen’s mission is to unlock the power of nature’s most exciting creations. Our fluency in science and engineering focuses on the potency of plants and enhances the quality of human lives. Metagreen was created to address an important asymmetry in the world of natural products. Despite dynamic growth that has expanded the natural products market to over $100 Billion, an absence of science and technology has exposed related industries to safety crises, low standards, quality control issues, and insufficient data to validate health claims.

Metagreen began its search for proprietary technologies and a wholly-owned IP portfolio to address these opportunities through early work with the R&D departments of a group of multinational companies valued at over $200 Billion. Since its inception, Metagreen has developed original extraction technology that delivers high value, nutrient-dense, cost-effective and safe food and medicine for people and the environment.

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