IndicaOnline Dispensary Point of Sale Integrates with Metrc Compliance Software

Managing cannabis compliance has been a complicated process for many marijuana retailers in medical and recreational markets. While many of the legal states in the U.S. have very similar regulations, each state has their own compliance nuances. IndicaOnline has recently developed comprehensive compliance tools within their dispensary point of sale software that simplifies sales and inventory reporting for California cannabis retailers.

Evolving with the ever-changing cannabis industry is a must for marijuana dispensaries who have so much invested in their business. Human error can easily jeopardize a retailer’s business license, especially if they are operating using an inferior POS system. Using automated tools to prevent your marijuana business from minor mistakes will provide peace of mind to the owners, managers, and staff members.

IndicaOnline has successfully completed full integration with California’s track-and-trace service provider, Franwell’s Metrc. Cannabis dispensaries will now be able to send real-time automated sales and inventory reports without logging into Metrc. Dispensary staff only need to login to Metrc to accept incoming inventory manifests which will then automatically appear in IndicaOnline. Once they appear in your POS system, you can then accept them into your inventory and perform additional actions as needed.

Cannabis retailers can complete most of the inventory actions within IndicaOnline’s customized interface. Dispensary managers can adjust package quantities, split packages, merge packages, and close packages all from the point-of-sale software. Most of the time discrepancies between Metrc and IndicaOnline can be resolved by re-syncing inventory, but if any issues arise, customer support is more than willing to help.

After a California cannabis retailer receives an annual business license and completes the Metrc online training, a Metrc API key is provided allowing IndicaOnline to sync with their software. This will allow the two platforms to communicate with each other and initiate automated sales reports for dispensaries. IndicaOnline sends important traceability information, such as transactions and related package IDs, quantity/inventory changes, price of product, split/merged packages, and closed packages.

It’s imperative for dispensaries who have applied for an annual license to prepare their inventory for integration by scheduling a product migration. This process is time-consuming and could take several days to complete depending on the amount of inventory. IndicaOnline recommends retail owners schedule their product migration once they’ve submitted an annual license application or been issued their Metrc login information.

For more information, visit the IndicaOnline website or email