Highdration Kitchen Launches First & Only Cannabis-Infused Ice Cubes In Massachusetts

New Product Innovation Will Make Cannabis Consumption More Accessible, Creative, and Social

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, June 28, 2023 – Highdration Kitchen announced its launch of the first and only cannabis-infused ice cubes in Massachusetts, called melt. This new category innovation is designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers from cannabis regulars to the “canna curious.”
melt will soon be available at licensed dispensaries throughout the state.

melt infused ice cubes are designed to enhance homemade drinks like seltzers, juices, teas, coffees, and mocktails. melt cubes are sold in pure liquid form in pre-packaged ice trays of 10 infused cubes and designed to be easily frozen and consumed at home.

“We know from early concept research that there’s a real market for a cannabis beverage enhancement that caters to the DIY beverage consumer,” said Harry Groome, founder, and CEO of Highdration Kitchen. “People love the ritual of creating and serving their own drink recipes and our melt cubes offer a fun and social way to add more life to those drinks.”

melt infused cubes are made from a blend of THC, natural fruit juices and preservatives, and distilled water, with no sugar added. melt’s first three flavor offerings will be original (no flavor), lemon, and lime, with new flavors and line extensions planned for later this year.

Each melt cube is precisely infused with 5mg of THC for a consistent consumption experience. melt infused ice cubes offer a gradual release of THC as they melt and evenly mix into any drink. A single tray of melt cubes (10 cubes per tray) contains 50mg of THC. MSRP for melt is $20 per tray and $2 per cube. For more about melt, please visit www.meltcubes.com.

Founded in Massachusetts in 2022, Highdration Kitchen is focused on creating brand innovation and differentiation in the cannabis-infused beverage market. The company is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and production methods to deliver a purer, more natural, and more social cannabis experience. Highdration Kitchen’s line of melt ice cubes is the first in its pipeline of product innovations and offers consumers a more social and do-it yourself cannabis brand experience.