Hard Car Security: Transportation Services and Seamless Supply Chain Tracking Solutions

Hard Car Security is a cannabis transport and security services agency based out of California. Operating with an emphasis on full transparency for all parties involved, including state regulators, Hard Car specializes in the safe transport of cannabis products and/or large quantities of cash.

“Hard Car Security’s core offering is compliant armor transportation services that’s focused on hiring veterans, and seamless supply chain integrity for the tracking of cannabis products and cash — with full transparency,” said Jeff Breier, co-founder of Hard Car Security, in a statement. The principals at Hard Car Security believe that by prioritizing veterans first and foremost for their security agent career opportunities, the company will ultimately help boost the nation’s perhaps most treasured — though often sadly disadvantaged — demographics.

According to Breier, who comes from a 30-year background in law enforcement, executive protection, asset protection, and security management, “Other security companies put their focus on cameras and access control and uniformed security guards in front of dispensaries … or even grow sites. Our main focus is not cameras and guards. Our main focus is highly trained agents and legitimate armored vehicles.”

Breier believes that employee and product safety are too important of an issue in legal cannabis industry to be overlooked. Hard Car’s growing fleet of heavily-armored vans and SUVs blend in naturally with all cars on the road, but many industry professionals still rely on unofficial means of transport. “For too long, this industry has relied on owners or employees to transport cash and product,” Breier said. “Putting employees at risk just to save a few hundred dollars is insanity … you need highly trained agents in armored vehicles to do your transportation services.”

Hard Car’s technological approach to security goes beyond just the protected transport of goods and large quantities of cash, however, and offers automated protection services as well, which are fully capable of integrating with all of the software tracking solutions currently offered to the cannabis market. These advanced security measures include solutions that not only are capable of tracking atmospheric information in a cannabis grow room or trimming operation, but also include options for a high-tech, mobile or fixed sensors unit that essentially functions as “an internal security guard that never calls in sick, never complains, and never falls asleep.”

“Our solution not only tracks what’s being given to us in full transparency and complete accuracy,” Breier said, “but at the same time it also can send alerts and give a snapshot to the manager of a grow-site, who, at any given moment, can log on and see the atmospheric condition everywhere inside that indoor grow. It’s tied right in to the same security system that we are offering, that we call our supply chain tracking solution.”

While Hard Car Security is currently operating only in the state of California, the security agency will seek out-of-state partnerships and plans to begin operations in other legal cannabis states as the normalization movement continues.

For more information about Hard Car Security, or to inquire about their services, visit www.hardcarsecurity.com.