Michigan voters are following the nationwide trend toward the legalization of recreational marijuana, a survey put on by NORML’s Michigan chapter has discovered.

Poll results indicate that 50 percent of Michigan voters would vote for an initiative to legalize marijuana and regulate the substance for adult consumption in a system similar to either Washington or Colorado’s current programs. 46 percent of respondents indicated they would be against such a move.

A similar poll in 2013 found that only 47 percent of voters agreed with legalization. These changes over the last two years represent in Michigan the nationwide trend that’s steadily growing against cannabis prohibition.

“This latest poll shows an evolution of thought among Michigan voters toward marijuana legalization over the last year. It is not a major shift, but a continuation of the slow but steady shift toward the end of prohibition. Legislators, take note: Michigan is ready for this,” said Matthew Abel, attorney and executive director of NORML’s Michigan branch.



Photo Credit: peddhapati

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