Growers Network Documents Large Scale Production in Episode Two of ‘Canna Cribs’

Following the popular reception of Episode 1 of Canna Cribs, Growers Network went to Grow Op Farms, owners of the Phat Panda, Hot Sugar!, and Sticky Frog brands for the second episode of Canna Cribs. Grow Op Farms is a major cannabis producer in the state of Washington and Growers Network took the opportunity to document their growing process.

“Canna Cribs is our way of envisioning a professional, mature cannabis industry where processes are standardized and everybody is safe,” says Nick Morin, CEO. “We want to see the industry come out of the shadows and embrace the academic and business world. Our second episode focuses on Grow Op Farms, one of the largest producers in Washington, and how they are able to satisfy the market’s demands.”

Here is a list of products featured in this episode of Canna Cribs:

Details for the next Canna Cribs episode are still in the works, but you can follow the Growers Network channel on YouTube to stay updated.

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