Introducing GreenForce: A New Staffing and Business Solutions Resource for Cannabis

Portland, Ore. (July 20, 2016) — This weekend, on Sunday, July 24, GreenForce will be premiering their unique suite of staffing, administration, and professional business services to the cannabis industry at the Oregon Cannabis Association’s Summer Fair. GreenForce will be launching alongside the state’s best craft growers, processors, edible makers and retailers; introducing the company as the go-to partner for professional, reliable temporary and permanent staffing solutions and collaborative business-support services for licensed medical and recreational cultivators. GreenForce is officially engaging partner cultivators in the state of Oregon who want to focus on the quality of their products and not the burden of staffing and administration. GreenForce is also actively recruiting new individuals seeking to learn an in-demand craft, while making connections and a gateway into a new and dynamic industry.

“We see a need for a personable, professional, trustworthy and collaborative partnerships to help with the daily staffing and admin needs of the burgeoning legal cannabis industry,” says Founding Partner, Ryan Rosenfeld. Ryan is a longtime Portland resident, business professional, and cannabis entrepreneur. “We are a group of local business leaders who have come together to bring our professional experience in cannabis, but also in beverage, healthcare, staffing, and the financial services to this industry. We have the right network to offer and we are insiders in this industry who are invested in helping cultivators succeed.”

GreenForce is looking to be more than a staffing agency for the industry’s trimming needs. The team is out in the market working to build an unrivaled network of dependable and trustworthy professionals who can support the cannabis industry throughout the cultivation lifecycle and beyond. GreenForce has thought through the list of cultivator needs to save money and time and make their businesses more productive and profitable. They are in the process of developing a proprietary training program for trimmers and other cultivation support that prepares highly effective and efficient teams who are discreet, verified, sanitary and fully permitted. Ryan and his team are promising to be an indispensable and reliable resource for the cannabis industry in Oregon as it grows and flourishes.

About GreenForce:

GreenForce is a unique team of solution-orientated individuals looking for opportunities to improve labor management and professional services throughout the cannabis industry. Our founders are experienced business leaders, skilled growers, makers, HR, sales and financial professionals who understand the needs of a grow operation and have the network and know-how to make it operate seamlessly day in and day out. GreenForce aims to be the go-to partner for professional, reliable temporary and permanent staffing solutions and collaborative business support service by quality, licensed cannabis cultivators and related industry participants throughout the state of Oregon.

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