Garyn Angel: Empowering Patients with Homemade Cannabis Infusions

Magical ButterAnyone who has tried likely remembers the first time they attempted to infuse butter with cannabis, and everyone’s story probably shares a common theme of rookie mistakes and an unfamiliarity with the whole infusion process. But what if there were a way to standardize the process—to eliminate the variables and deliver consistent quality and potency every time?

Our latest interview features Garyn Angel, the ganjapreneur behind MagicalButter—a company that is working hard to bring top-quality, consistent edibles and infusions to cannabis patients everywhere. MagicalButter has developed an appliance anyone can easily use in their home kitchen to make cannabis-infused butter, oil, and tincture. The MagicalButter machine features an internal microprocessor for simple operation and consistency in every batch.

In this interview, Garyn describes how he transitioned from his career as a financial planner into his current role at MagicalButter, how the company has grown since its inception, and what he predicts the next few years hold in store for cannabis legalization.

Read the full interview below:

Ganjapreneur: How did MagicalButter get started, and what was your inspiration to invent a product that could make consistent batches of cannabis butter?

Garyn Angel: In 2010, I had a friend with Crohn’s disease. I wanted to help him, and he was intimidated by the process of making cannabutter because he had failed to get good results. The original concept for MagicalButter controlled his Crohn’s outbreaks; then we added a microprocessor for consistency and ease of use.

Did you have prior experience making cannabutter, or was it a process that you learned and adapted existing technology to improve?

I had made cannabutter several times, with varied success. MagicalButter was designed to empower patients: Push a button, and let a microprocessor control the process.

After you built your first prototype, how long did it take for MagicalButter to become your full-time career?

The transition from prototype to CEO of MagicalButter was about two years. I sold my firm and left a 15-year career as an award-winning financial planner three months after we opened. It was a leap of faith, but helping others recharged my passion for life.

What were the reactions of your colleagues and business contacts when you told them you were starting a company related to medical cannabis?

My colleagues, family, and business contacts thought I was crazy, but they fully supported my decision. The easiest way to succeed in life is to help others, and that’s what MagicalButter does; so, as a company, I was passionate and confident we would accomplish our goals. So, I followed my heart.

How many people does MagicalButter currently employ?

MagicalButter America has 17 full-time employees.

What is one of the greatest obstacles you have faced while growing the business?

Growing a business is a fun journey; the travel schedule is demanding. Traveling domestically and internationally teaches patience, tolerance, and understanding, which are skills every ganjapreneur needs. The greatest obstacle we learned to overcome was language barriers. The secret is to use pictures and illustrations instead of spoken words. Sometimes my screenshots look like hieroglyphics.

How are you planning to expand MagicalButter as the legal cannabis industry continues to spread to new states and regions?

The laws in the United States and globally have to change because science is proving them to be unjust. The medical community has in certain parts of the world already embraced cannabis as medicine. More than ever patients and parents have a desire for natural treatment options. MagicalButter is available in all 50 states; we are focused on growing our brand internationally. MagicalButter Australia’s Grand Opening was May 2015. Currently we are expanding to South Africa, Israel, Portugal, Costa Rica, and the UK.

What do you think has been the greatest contributing factor to your company’s success?

The MagicalButter machine makes consistent cannabutter, oil, balms and salves, and TeamMB is passionate about customer service… but ultimately the single greatest factor in success is our customers. They are great people! We built MagicalButter on Facebook; our posts attracted like-minded people. They liked, commented and shared—many became customers. Customers referred their friends and family. They created a facebook group Magical Butter Users United to help each other with cannabis-infused recipes. I am proud of TeamMB, but we owe our success to our customers. We tell them thank you every chance we can.

What would you say is the most difficult part of running a business in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis, or marijuana, is prohibited in banking and most advertising platforms regardless of the context. Even if you do everything right, being linked to cannabis bottlenecks opportunities. I was selected to the CNBC NEXT List (along with Elon Musk, Tim Cook, LeBron James) for our work with legal marijuana; we could not advertise because the word Marijuana. Even if it’s not advertising, you face inequalities. MagicalButter won the popular vote at the largest food show in the US; however, the show overlooked MagicalButter because of our association to cannabis. I embrace challenges, but I am eager to have a level playing field.

What do you think the next two years hold in store for the legalization movement? Do you think there is any chance of a federal crackdown on states that have legalized?

We are at the crossroads of the legalization movement. Humans have endocannabinoid systems, and cannabinoids are a dietary supplement that balances deficiencies. Science has proved this. Cannabis must be legalized, and I am openly optimistic about changes to cannabis laws in the near future. The current federal government and the DEA guidelines allow states to handle their own cannabis laws; recent raids have been on businesses in violation of state law. There’s a new ‘sheriff’ in town at the DEA, and cannabis is a solution, not a problem. People are great, the world is beautiful, and plants hold most of the answers.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to an aspiring ganjapreneur?

Greet people with a smile, look them in the eye, and treat others how you would want to be treated. Avoid drama and anyone who focuses on problems over solutions. The challenges of building a business are fun—treat your team as a family and reward them often. Live with passion, and believe you can do it, because you can.

Thank you, Garyn, for sharing your experience in the industry with us! We look forward to watching the continued growth and success of MagicalButter as the validity of medical cannabis is embraced around the world.

For more information about MagicalButter, you may visit their website. Questions and/or comments? Post them below!



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