Ganjapreneur Now Accepting Marijuana Job Postings

With the addition of their new “Post a Job” page, Ganjapreneur has entered the world of online job boards geared toward the marijuana industry. The website launched their marijuana industry job feed several weeks ago, which up until now has merely aggregated links to jobs had been posted around the web. With the new form, employers will be able to fill out their own job posting to be published on Ganjapreneur’s website and Android app.

“This is just one small feature of what we’re building out,” a Ganjapreneur spokesperson said. “Ultimately we’re going to be a lot more than a simple job board. We’re aiming to be a business hub for the industry as a whole, so naturally, helping people find careers related to cannabis and helping employers reach out to potential employees is going to be a big part of that. But we have many more features in the works that will be coming out soon.”

All jobs listed by Ganjapreneur are available both on their website and their recently-launched Android app. Ganjapreneur has announced that their app will also be available in the Apple App store in the near future. The website announced its official launch over the summer, and has since published a large number of news articles, business editorials, and interviews with cannabis industry pioneers.

Recently, Ganjapreneur published an audio interview with Colorado cannabis entrepreneur Matt Brown, who went into detail about how the industry took shape as an organized structure in the period of time leading up to the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012. Another interview with John Evich of Top Shelf Cannabis, the first retail store to serve Washington State’s recreational market, was published in video format and includes a shop tour and footage of the first edible products being sold in Washington.

Ganjapreneur also published an open source marijuana slang dictionary last month which has grown over time with user-submitted slang terms and example usages.

“We’re just getting started,” a rep from Ganjapreneur said. “The next few months are going to be very exciting as we begin to roll everything out.”