Ganjapreneur Launches Domain Market Featuring,, and Other High-Value Domains is excited to announce the launch of our new domain name market, featuring some of the highest-value and most desirable domains available on the web related to cannabis. This market is intended as a business development resource for venture capital firms, startups, advertising agencies, and anyone who is starting a company in the legal cannabis industry who plans on using the internet as a central component of their marketing strategy. Our market empowers entrepreneurs in the branding phase of their company to browse and purchase available domain names that would make excellent brands for new businesses or products.

Our decision to launch this market was based in part on the success of our own usage of domain branding with the launch of and the execution of our own marketing strategy. Ganjapreneur’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Rosener, is also the CEO of Media Options, widely regarded as the leading international brokerage firm specializing in premium domain name acquisitions and sales. Concurrent with the new market’s launch, Rosener released the following statement:

Ganjapreneur started out as a pet project to bring together all the business and regulatory cannabis news in one place, in an objective way, for the industry. Really it was a solution to my own problem: I just wanted one place to go every day to find out what was going on.  However, as Ganjapreneur grew and industry support for our project quickly became apparent, we have grown into a more multi-dimensional business with other business services and products. While objective cannabis journalism is still at the core of Ganjapreneur, and always will be, I identified a void in the industry for online business services and digital marketing intelligence.   Having been involved and very successful myself in online marketing, and especially domain names, for the last 15 years, I saw an opportunity to bring my experience and expertise to other budding entrepreneurs in the industry, through Ganjapreneur.

One of those opportunities is to emphasize and educate entrepreneurs and investors about the power and importance of owning the best possible domain name for your business.   In today’s World, consumer decisions are made online, even if their purchase is made in-store.   Word of mouth marketing, brand recall & especially display advertising are all exponentially more effective when done in conjunction with a short, memorable and meaningful .com domain name. That concept rings even more true for the cannabis industry because mainstream advertising channels are not available to us.  There is no advertising in Google or Facebook. No newspaper ads. No television ads. So magazine ads, billboards, podcasts, web banners & content marketing…these are the channels that canna-businesses are left with.  This is where a catchy, resonating, easy to spell, meaningful domain name really shines!

If you read an ad in a magazine about a new product that you think would be great to sell in your dispensary, unless you are sitting at a computer when you see the ad, they had better have a great domain name, which is easy to remember, if you are going to find that product online a few hours later when you get to a computer. What was that product called again? Or, lets say you are a licensed cannabis processor desperately looking for ways to increase your yields, you are driving in your car listening to the Ganjapreneur podcast, and you hear someone talk about a new extraction technology; if that company tells you to visit them for more information at, you better believe you will remember where to find them when you get home or to your office later! But what if their domain was Would you remember that when you get home?  Was it technology or technologies?

All other things being equal, owning the best possible version of your brand’s or company’s domain name will have an incalculable return on investment for your company for eternity.  And the value of the asset, the domain name, only goes up as the industry grows and the internet continues to become more dominant as the primary channel to reach consumers and businesses alike.  When you buy traffic from an ad network, that is a sunk cost and the money is gone.  There is no residual return.  Whatever sales were made and revenue generated from that campaign is a one-shot deal.   However, buying a top tier domain name is an investment in an asset that will continue to pay dividends for the life of your company (not to mention the nice depreciation expense you can take on the domain, just like a piece of equipment that is critical to your business) and using that domain name in your other advertising and marketing will exponentially increase the success and ROI of those campaigns with higher click through rates, higher retention rates, greater consumer trust and ultimately higher conversion rates. There have been many studies done by Microsoft & Google on the impacts of using a highly memorable domain that resonates with consumers. Needless to say, there is a reason that Facebook spent $8.5 Million to buy (hint: because 70% of internet traffic is mobile and there is no faster way to get a consumer on your website than a 2 letter .com).

Andrew Rosener has a long history in domain name investing and has aided in the acquisition of domain names for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He has also acquired numerous high-level cannabis-related domain names himself and has personally invested in several operational cannabis industry businesses. Our Chief Operating Officer, Noel Abbott, who built the Ganjapreneur website and oversees our operations, is also a domain name investor as well as a web marketing strategist. Abbott attributes much of the success of Ganjapreneur to his partnership with Rosener to utilize the domain: “Originally, I was working on a simple blog with my brother, called ‘The Ganjapreneur,'” Abbott said. “As soon as we partnered with Andrew and moved the site over to, the difference was striking. People were taking my calls and forwarding me to their managers all of a sudden. It was obvious the domain name played a huge factor in our ability to connect with other companies working in the cannabis industry.”

On a daily basis, Ganjapreneur provides news and business insights related to the cannabis industry. Our content reaches a professional audience of over 1 million people each month, and recent polling has indicated that 70% of our loyal subscriber base is made up of people who own operational cannabis businesses or people who are in the planning phase of a new cannabis business. As the leading online cannabis industry news resource, we feel that Ganjapreneur is exceptionally well positioned to provide this branding tool for venture capitalists and startups enabling them to launch their companies and products on premium cannabis domain names. Our domain market currently includes powerful branding opportunities such as,,, and many others. To browse all of our available domain names, click here. Be sure to check back regularly as we are constantly adding new names!

We also accept domain names from third party domain investors who are willing to sell their domains to interested buyers. Click here to learn about getting your domain listed in our market, but please note that we only accept domains that reflect well on the cannabis industry and that will bring value to a new startup or product launch. We can say with absolute confidence that if you own a good domain name that could become a great brand for a cannabis business, is the best possible place to market that domain name for sale to the cannabis industry. The people who make up our audience are the entrepreneurs, service providers, manufacturers, investors & dreamers that make up this great industry. We can’t promise that your domain will sell, but we can certainly promise that the most qualified buyers in the world for your cannabis domain name will at least know that it is for sale! For questions related to domain name acquisitions or listing multiple domains in our market, please reach out to us at

Our market launch is sponsored by, a cannabis-friendly registrar and a global leader in domain name registrations. If you are in the planning phase of your business, visit today to reserve the ideal domain for your start-up!