Ganjapreneur Announces New Cannabis Domain Name Market for Start-Ups and Venture Capital Firms

Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to cannabis business news and culture, has recently announced the launch of their Cannabis Domain Name Market. “Ganjapreneur is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in legal cannabis space optimize and grow their business, and ultimately, a great domain name goes a long way to helping them achieve that through a highly visible online presence and strong brand. With our background in the domain space and understanding of the importance and value of a great domain name for any entrepreneur, a domain market was a clear next step and perfect fit for We plan to launch many more business services in the near future for our audience as well,” said Andrew Rosener, Founder and CEO of

The market consists of hundreds of marijuana keyword and brandable domain names available for immediate purchase, sorted by category, type, and price. The market is designed to be a resource for venture capital firms and start-ups looking to get involved in the cannabis industry, and it is launched in partnership with, the leading escrow service for domain name transactions in order to make transactions safe and easy.

Ganjapreneur is a joint venture of Media Options, Inc. and THC Media Group, Inc., which launched in the summer of 2014 and has steadily grown in scale. The website now offers a live feed of cannabis job board listings from around the web, a large body of original news articles, editorials, and interviews with business owners, as well as a dictionary of marijuana slang terms, a mobile app, and a business directory for B2B service providers in the cannabis industry.

The domain name market is the latest addition to Ganjapreneur’s array of features geared toward cannabis industry start-ups and investors. It includes premium domain names such as & with price tags over $25,000, although the majority are listed between $2,000 and $10,000. Available options include dot-com domains such as and, as well as alternative top-level extensions such as and

Over the past six months, Ganjapreneur has published several interviews with prominent cannabis industry entrepreneurs, or “ganjapreneurs,” including a founding partner in a cannabis-focused investment firm, the owner of the first recreational cannabis day spa in Colorado, and the founder of a Seattle-based recruiting and staffing firm which connects cannabis industry employers and hopeful job seekers. The website also covered the first sales of edibles and concentrates in Washington state, and was the only media outlet to capture the moment on video.

The announcement of the domain market marks the site’s latest expansion of its services geared toward marijuana business owners and investors. “This is just one of many resources we are developing to help ganjapreneurs start or grow their business,” said Noel Abbott, Ganjapreneur’s CTO. “We are excited to announce our domain name market, and we have many more announcements coming in 2015.”