Ganjapreneur Adds Search Feature to Cannabis Business Directory and Job Feed

Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to cannabis business news and culture, has recently announced the addition of a search engine to their marijuana job feed and their business directory for cannabis companies. The new feature is intended to help aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals in the industry find and connect with cannabis-focused companies who are hiring.

Ganjapreneur launched their Marijuana Job Feed, a live feed of job listings from the leading cannabis industry job boards, in fall 2014. The feed refreshes throughout the day to reflect the most recently-posted job opportunities on the internet. Ganjapreneur’s Business Directory also launched in 2014, and serves as a resource for professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs who wish to find and connect with companies that have specialized in cannabis. Categories of these companies include lawyers, consultants, web designers, and accountants.

Since their official launch in July 2014, Ganjapreneur has also published a large volume of news articles and editorials related to the cannabis and hemp industries. They offer a weekly cannabis industry newsletter, and have published a news-reader app which is available for Android and Apple devices. They also publish in-depth interviews with cannabis entrepreneurs and investors, and have announced that they are developing a “Freelancer Network” designed to help independent workers find gigs with cannabis industry businesses.

The term “ganjapreneur” refers to someone who is pursuing a business opportunity in the legal cannabis market. On the website’s “About Us” page, Ganjapreneur states: “A ganjapreneur is enterprising, courageous, ethical, and fully committed to achieving their goals. Most of all, a ganjapreneur is someone who understands and appreciates the positive effect that the decriminalization and regulation of these industries will have around the world.”

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