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Family Video to Sell CBD Products In 250 Stores

The video rental chain Family Video has announced it will begin distributing CBD products throughout its 250 U.S. locations; the move comes directly from the company owner, who said CBD helps him find relief from tendonitis.

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Family Video is joining other national chains in selling CBD products, according to an MLive report. The video rental chain is carrying Natural Native CBD products at its more than 250 stores throughout the U.S.

Levi Dinkla, president of enterprise development for Highland Ventures Ltd., the parent company of Family Video, told MLive that “a lot of people use CBD to relax” – the same thing that “a lot of people use movies for.” Dinkla indicated the move came directly from company owner Keith Hoogland, who found relief from his tendonitis using CBD products.

Dinkla said Family Video stores are usually located in smaller communities that tend to be the last places for new trends and the company sees their role “as an educational resource for communities.”

The company is offering sprays, oils, lip balms, gummies, salves, water, and pet products, according to Jason Yuhasz, regional director of operations for Highland Ventures. Currently, they require purchasers to be 18-or-older, despite there being no laws on age restrictions for CBD products.

“They came in here to rent the Avengers; they didn’t come in here to get pain relief. But when they return their movie, in five days – ‘Oh. I’m going to give that a shot now.’ And that’s how most of our sales turn out.” – Yuhasz to MLive

Dinkla said the CBD products are bringing in new customers who end up opening video rental accounts.

In March, national pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens announced they would start selling CBD topical products.

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