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Empower Oil produces some of the highest quality cannabis topicals anywhere. The bodycare formulations are elegant and effective, and, while focusing on oils, certainly provide substantial aromatherapy benefits as well.

You’ll immediately notice when handling any of the products in their line that much care has been given to the tactile nature of their packaging. All four of the products we trialed felt good, even sensuous, in the hands. The labels were informative and directions clear. A real sign that Empower Oil is a quality product is the appearance of testing results on each package sharing the amount of cannabis in each and when and where the tests were done. We are used to this kind of labeling in the licensed state-run market, but this kind of self-regulation in medical is less common, though certainly on the increase.

The first product we used was their flagship Cannabis Infused Oil. This is recommended for sore muscles, psoriasis, bruising, cold sores, arthritis, eczema, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, neuropathy, cramps, headaches and more. The oil is slick but not messy which we all enjoyed. Also, the roller applicator allowed us to really control how much we used. The label let us know that there was 45mg THCa and 20mg CBD in the package. Like many topicals, the directions call to use it repeatedly until you get relief. There really isn’t a way to overmedicate with topicals so the way to go about it is to apply and then apply again automatically a bit later once the first application has soaked in. We found that the best routine for use was to simply set a schedule and rub it in 6 times a day regardless of pain. We found that being applied regularly like that gave consistent relief.

The second product was their Healing Hemp Oil Blend, which is essentially a version of their Cannabis Infused Oil containing only CBD. There is under .03% THC in this blend so it is much easier to defend distributing it nationally and for patients to take it over state lines. The label says it has 10mg CBDa and less than .02% THCa which actually makes it not even a cannabis product by Federal definitions. Like the other oil, the consistency of the oil and roll-on packaging make this bodycare product very easy to use. If you live in a state that allows legal marijuana, you most likely want the full plant extracted oil above but this CBD oil is a solid choice for states not yet normalized and those seeking CBD care without any THC included. Apply repeatedly for best results.

The most anticipated product by the review team was the Empower 4Play Cannabis Infused Sensual Oil. We had to discuss this quite a bit to understand exactly what the product is intended to do. First off, it is not a lube. Sexual lubricants are regulated by the federal government and have to be approved by the FDA. Second though, 4Play has an oil base which can throw off human chemistry if used too liberally internally. Also, oils break down latex condoms which can result in unwanted results. That said, there is plenty of fun and relaxation to be had with the 4Play. While Empower’s slogan for their oils is “Put it where it Hurts” the slogan for the Sensual Oil is “Put It Where You Please.” So we did.

The cannabis infused oil worked very well as a topical lubricant for skin on skin contact. It did not dry out or get sticky. Eventually it soaked in and reapplication was wanted but it never got unpleasant. The oil comes in a spray which was so very convenient. It went on evenly and measured and was simple to use with slippery hands.

When applied to the mucous membranes and rubbed in, especially on women’s genitalia, a euphoric, localized body high occurs. When sprayed on the anus, it gives a great body high that hits the face and back of the head too. The review team all agreed that just the idea of the oil added fun to the play. The warm body high was an added plus.

At the end of all the fun, trying out Empower’s Therapeutic Soaking Salts with Cannabis Infused Oil was called for. The single use package was placed into a tub of hot bathwater as directed. The label lets you know that it contains 33.3mg THC and 8.2 mg CBD. The bath salts are recommended for minor sprains, bruises, aches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, neuropathy, psoriasis, muscle fatigue, headaches and minor skin disorders. It works as a general anti-anxiety too because being in a warm tub with the salts is a wonderful aromatherapy experience. Clearly the smell of the product was given much thought.

Empower Oils founder Trista Okel grew medical cannabis for over a decade before dedicating herself to topicals and patient care exclusively. Her attention to detail is clear and it is heartening to see a heritage grower making the transition to the licensed state market.


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