Denver Dispensary Offers One-Cent Eighths to Teachers on Strike

Aptly-named Denver-area dispensary Kind Love is selling eighths of cannabis to teachers currently on strike in the region for the absolute bare minimum — one cent.

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A dispensary in the Glendale suburb of Denver is offering one-cent eighths to teachers currently on strike in the city, according to a Westword report.

Kind Love will sell an eighth of cannabis to any person with a Denver Public Schools badge for just one penny. Matt LaBrier, Chief Brand Officer for Kind Love, said the move was inspired after witnessing striking teachers outside of North High School on his way to work.

“Technically, we have to charge them something. We figured this was the least we could do. We’ve got quite a few teachers who come in here. … I think they do some of the most important work on earth, and we don’t necessarily treat them the way we should.” — Matt LaBrier, via Westword

Kind Love also offered a similar deal to military veterans on Veteran’s Day. Other dispensaries in the industry have done similar deeds for those deserving of appreciation or who might be short on cash, such as the online cannabis trader BudTrader, who offered free cannabis to furloughed federal workers in California during the government shutdown earlier this year.

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