DEA Seeking Contractor Who Can Incinerate 8,000 Pounds of Cannabis Per Day

The DEA is seeking a contractor capable of incinerating up to 8,000 pounds of cannabis and other federally prohibited substances per day.

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The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Phoenix Division is seeking an Arizona-based contractor capable of incinerating up to 1,000 pounds of cannabis and other federally prohibited substances per hour, for up to eight hours per day, Marijuana Moment reports. The potential contract was revealed in a DEA posting earlier this month.

According to those documents, a contract winner would be expected to burn cannabis and other drugs confiscated by law enforcement and would need access to an incinerator “with the capability of destroying marijuana to a point where there are no detectable levels … of byproduct from the destruction process.”

According to the work description, the incinerator must be capable of incinerating up to 1,000 pounds of material and operating up to 8 hours per day. Additionally, DEA says the contractor would be responsible for burning cardboard boxes, plastic, and many other types of packaging used to transport and sometimes conceal illegal substances.

An armed DEA agent would also be present during all scheduled burns, employees of the potential contract winner would require drug testing, and the DEA would require security camera footage of the entire process. The contractor would also be held to secrecy regarding the activities: “All information obtained shall be used only for performing this contract and shall not be divulged nor made known in any manner except as necessary to perform this contract,” the agency writes.

The agency clarified that the announcement was not a job listing, noting that “this is not a request for proposals and does not obligate the Government to award a contract.” Rather, the agency “is conducting market research, and is encouraging all businesses, including small businesses, to respond to this notice.”

The contract would begin January 1, 2021, and would expire in 2026.

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