A recent report from the Colorado Department of Revenue indicates that legal marijuana vendors sold upwards of 150,000 pounds of cannabis, and nearly 5 million units of infused edibles, during 2014. The report establishes an in-depth analysis of the industry’s first year of legal retail sales, with both medical and recreational cannabis transactions taken into consideration.

“The Marijuana Enforcement Division feels that it is imperative to remain transparent on such a highly publicized issue in Colorado,” said Lewis Koski, director of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, the agency that compiled the report.

The sale of edibles saw perhaps the most significant increase throughout the year, with less than 100,000 units sold in January to more than 350,000 in December.

Meanwhile, the majority of flower sold was registered as medical marijuana transactions, though recreational edibles far outpaced their medical equivalents.

According to the report, about 16,000 people are currently licensed to work in the Colorado cannabis industry.




Photo Credit: Martijn

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